Serenata Flowersorder not delivered due to flowers not good enough quality

Ref PO: [protected]. (Saturday 28th July, 2018)

I ordered the flowers and vase for my friend as a surprise and expected them to be delivered on Saturday. I received an e-mail on Monday morning (I do not check my work e-mails over the weekend) stating that the flowers and vase were not delivered and what I wish to do.

I then sent several e-mails to the customer service department who failed to treat me as a valued customer and just fobbed me off with excuse after excuse. I felt as the problem was not due to me that, as a gesture of good will and good customer service that it would be appreciated if I was given a timed delivery slot and a better bouquet to compensate for the ruined surprise and lack of flowers for my friend's birthday!

Nothing was resolved and then the customer service person (Francesca) decided to cancel my order when I had NOT specifically asked for that, I had merely suggested I might have to do that and use an alternative, more reliable flower company if my requests were not met.

I also stated that I have recommeneded Serenata Flowers to several friends and now feel upset and frustrated that I have been treated so badly.

It is now too late for you to redeem yourself as a company but I would be very interested to hear what you have to say on the matter.

This has caused me great stress and anxiety and has taken up far too much of my time, i'm really not happy!!

Jul 30, 2018

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