Sentry Insurance / Bad faith claim

Sentry Insurance insured hit our van with semi causing 12, 000 damage and 7, 000 other damages and injuries. Offer 3040 to settle 12, 000 claim and 500 to settle 7, 000 claim. They make up amounts with absolutely nothing to back up what they are saying. I have asked for documentation for every excuse they come up with to not pay a fair settlement and they refuse to give it to me. They definitely operate under bad faith procedures and unfair settlement practices. They do not answer phones and when I asked to speak with their lawyer, they say they dont have one. I research their company to find class action lawsuits and other unfair business practices. After they offered the embarrassing settlement and took rental away because they say they can leaving us with no vehicle, they had the gall to send letter telling us to send them a key and title. They are a real piece of work. I would be so embarrassed and ashamed to admit I had any association with Sentry Insurance.

Nov 07, 2016

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