Problems using senecash. Just FYI...if a color drops and you really want it, I recommend using a credit card instead. I've lost an order 2x and no real explanation from SeneGence, just sorry. I called Saturday after a color drop that I was able to finally order, but in my order history it showed "unpaid." The rep was super friendly but said there was nothing she could do, that the reps were quite aware of the issue with senecash but that senegence hasn't officially addressed it. frustrating as it may be, don't attempt to use it or you will likely not get what you order.

My order had to be manually cancelled b/c the product was again OOS.

I only tried to use Senecash b/c another distributor told me she successfully used her senecash. It did NOT work for me and it was a huge topic on CP call this it was last week but I'm not part of that group so I didn't know...we didn't know. Sorry, I hope this hasn't happened to any of you.

May 15, 2017

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