SeneGence Internationalout of stock

I believe that as a new distributor it is only Fair in this period of time for a CAP limit. I love our product I want to sell it because it is awesome. But to get booted off, to end up in cart with just gloss. Because people order 20 of a color is NOT right.See Top 10 Worst Companies in California, MDYou want your company to be successful look out for your NEW people otherwise it will end. Why would I try to sell when CP, Princesses and above order ridiculous amounts. Or only allow 2 per customer that is fair. That way you build stock. You have people fighting and it's disheartening when I after 6 months of pressure from my sister go to sign up. And there is NOTHING! CAP cap cap 2 to 3 each

May 04, 2017

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