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My name is Amber Travis my self and Dustin oneal booked with sell off for our first trip there was ourselves and 16 others that all booked through sell off for our trip to varadero Cuba where we would stay at the starfish varadero a girl that booked after us in our group got a email saying the plane was full and she would be moved to a 5pm flight time instead of 5am January 12 and offered her a 50 dollar credit she called and complained they put her back on our flight which was flight 622 and still gave her a credit so everyone in our group monitored our emails to make sure we did not receive one which we did not upon arrival to Pearson airport we were told us two were not going to be on flight 622 as it was full said they sent 5 emails to sell off telling them to inform us 5 times you guys received reminders to let us know now that other girl in our group that booked weeks after us was sitting on that plane that we couldn't get on we all drive together so now they say we have to wait for the 5 pm flight with no car we get the nearest motel more unnecessary money spent we got in the 5 pm flight to get to Cuba only to find out they lost our luggage awesome! So another three hour wait we decided to pay 60 pacos to get a cab to the resort as we were done with this crappy experience so we missed a entire day that was paid in our inclusive trip I called sell off vacations three time since we have been back first girl was rude said there was nothing she could do second person said he would get back to me and never did finally the third person told me to write in a complaint absolutely unhappy with this booking looking forward to your reply

Sell Off Vacations
Sell Off Vacations

Jan 29, 2018

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