SelectCare Benefits Networkcharged for services not provided

I contacted Lilly the drug manufacturer in November 2015 for relief in paying for drugs I could no longer afford but were essential to my well being. SCBN called me and professed to provide me with this particular drug from Lilly, the drug manufacturer, at no cost. My only cost would be $35.00 per month payable to SCBN as an administrative and processing fee. There was an initial fee of $50.00. I completed and submitted the paper work in a timely manner. When I heard nothing from SCBN I called them and was told my paperwork was approved and I would be receiving paperwork that I was to mail direct to Lilly. As each month passed $35.00 was being deducted from my bank account. When the paperwork did not arrive, I called SCBN and was told the paperwork to my doctor was lost and would have to be resubmitted. SCBN said if my doctor could fax the information that would be acceptable and they would call my doctor to initiate the fax. Several days later I again called SCBN and was told they were unable to reach my doctor. I called my doctor who assured me she was in the office on that date and time and the office did not receive any calls or faxes from SCBN. I called SCBN. It is now February 2016. SCBN tells me Lilly has changed their LILLYCARES PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and there is now a $1100.00 spend down and only after that spend down is met will Lilly provide my medication at no charge. SCBN never called to inform me of the change in Lilly's requirements. I informed SCBN I could not afford to pay the spend down and under those circumstances SCBN's services could not help me. I asked for a refund because I had received no benefits or drugs for the $155. I had paid SCBN.
I was told to submit a letter to SCBN's Customer Care Department detailing my request for a refund which I did. I received an unsigned SCBN form letter dated March 8, 2016 stating my paperwork as submitted to the LillyCares PAP on December 9, 2015 and "There will not be a refund issued to you." Since I received false information from SCBN, was not informed of the spend down requirement and received no drugs I feel I am entitled to a refund of $155.00. Member 1411700

Mar 15, 2016

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