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Order # 5604779 We ordered five top-down, bottom-up cordless honeycomb shades and spent more than $630 on them. We provided exact measurements because Select Blinds assured us that they make the correct deductions to make the product fit correctly. When we received the blinds, the first one we opened had damage to the headrail and then we noticed some sort of “tri-fold” shade material that hangs from the top rail and has a shiny silver foil-like stripe along the bottom edge. This feature is not displayed on the product we ordered from the website. It is unattractive, and we wouldn't have ordered if we had seen this. We opened another shade and found that it also has this tri-fold material, but that it is tucked into the top piece of the lower section and cannot be separated without tearing the shade itself. This shade also has a small hole in it. Much to our disappointment, all of the shades have this awful silver foil line along the underside of the top rail. None of the shades had any measurement deductions made, so they scrape the drywall texture on both sides of the windows. The “bounce-back” feature of top-down bottom-up shades also make none of them long enough to reach the window sills (therefore not blackout). We got the real run-around and ended up discussing all of these issues with various customer service people at Select Blinds. We dutifully photographed and documented all of the problems we had with the order several times. They were so uncooperative and we were not able to get them to honor their “satisfaction guarantee” and to send exactly what we had ordered and paid for. It has been beyond frustrating to play phone tag and try to communicate with representatives who clearly are not there to make the customer satisfied. Notice that, unlike most other online retailers, Select Blinds does not show any negative reviews on their website. We know, because we submitted one and it does not appear there. If you think about it, no negative feedback should have warned us about their lack of integrity. Plus, the Better Business Bureau also details many unhappy customers who have had very similar experiences to ours. Resolution of this matter would mean that we receive the correct product for all five of our windows and that the shades have no silver foil/trifold feature and no holes, no stuck fabric and no headrail flaws.

Dec 23, 2015

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