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Another un pleased claimant I was physically hurt at work rushed to hospital from work as I was unconcious. So it's def a workers comp case. I've had nothing but problems with sedwick and my advisor. I've done every step every paper that needed to be filled out and sent in that was done. I've been out over a month and been fighting since. I call sedwick everyday since I've been out and I have talked to my advisor 3 times total only when she needs something from me. But when I call it's always voicemail. So I contacted my advisor boss 2 times for her to say well we have not gotten any papers from any doctors showing proof why I'm out. Well that right there is a lie all three doctors that I have seen personally sent the papers out the same day so that right there I no they sent them. That's what's stopping me from getting my check according to them. Also every time I finally get a hold of someone they tell me we will leave an email with your advisor and she will call back. That's bull I have not heard a word. Sedwick is the worst company out there. Something has to be done. Its not like I purposely got hurt. I'm 22 years old been working since I was 16 No excuse for me to purposely get hurt I got 2 kids that I gotta feed but with this bull it's not happening. I need some type of assurance like what I should do maybe get an attorney or??

Dec 16, 2015

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