Sedgwick Claims Management Services / 23 years of lousy medical treatment

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Phone: 1 800 548-1373

SInce the accident date of February 10, 1989 this insuarance company has given me the run around. They have sent me to sub-standard chiropractors and a neurologist who said my back pain was because I drank one (1) Smirnoff Ice Malt Liquor a night. That due to the slip and fall accident I sustained in the bottom of AT&T's parking lot, injuring my left knee, left thumb, lower back and neck and back and spinel cord is the reason I am in horrible pain. I can't walk right and am off balance and my back goes in horrible spasams. My attorney has done little or nothing. I am scheduled for a deposition over 100 miles away on Monday March 26, 2012. The pain is so bad, I walk on glass every day and I am not a diabetic. This insurance company has failed to provide proper health care according to the Florida State Statutes and stalled so that I can't go before a Judge.

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