Sedgwick Claims Managementpayment denied

3 Nov 14, 2017

Walmart sent me home on aug.30 saying i was not %100, can not work..Have doctor put you off..I did, they paid two pay periods, then stoped..They said they were not receiving info from doctor..I spoke with my doctor on oct.25 she said she sent out two packets on me..I kept calling and giving as much info that i could, still not paying..I called on nov. 13 and found out that my case was closed..But someone called on nov. 1, i informed that person that i was having gallblader surgery on the nov.8..Case closed on nov.13..What is going on? i am sitting here with no money since oct. 19..This is a very poor service..I have at least 3 medical problems and it takes time to get it all..Please help me get paid..Thanks william wills

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