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Has any one ever filed a complaint for another personal hygiene? We have an officer that reeks of odor. He smells like dog piss with a mouth full of nasty tobacco. We have tried for over a year to have our supervisor (S) get this man to clean up and smell like a human being. We even gave a statement to these a-holes and still nothing. They just think he's the best they have ever seen. Well they don't work with him. You try being in the same office and his odor is so bad that one can get physically sick. And when you leave you take his odor home with you. Our supervisor do not care how bad it is for us to work along side with this nasty person!!
Another thing about this officer is that he is the laziest person ever. He does absoultley nothing!! Does he do his monthly testing on the building fire system (Nope). Hasn't since june of 2011. It took one of the building's employees to point out one of the fire extinguishers needed to be taken in and reserviced. If he did his monthly check he would of found it not the client. He has no proof that he does his monthly testing and if he says he does he's lying through his teeth. It's to where the first shift office has decided not to do their monthly testing as of the first of this year. Why should she? He's gotten away with not doing his testing going on nine months. No ones called or checked on either one of the officers about their monthly testing.
He smokes on the client's property and gets away with it. He uses the company's trucks as him own personal chauffer. When every time he gets dropped at work he has the second shift supervisor pick him up 10 to 15 minutes before his shift ends to come pick him up and take him home. Now if they are doing that for him they should do it for every one!! If not then take the bus or call a taxi but not the second shift supervisor.
We are tired of having to deal with this for over a year and nothing being done. May be seeing this will change things but probably not.

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  • Mr
      Mar 26, 2012

    Sister, sounds like you have an ax to grind with this gentleman. Why dont you worry about yourself and stop being a whiner? ###, ### ###, is that all you do? what do you expect for a low wage earner? Audie Murphey? For god's sake woman, shut your pie hole and do your job!

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