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OEF Combat Veteran here. I dont work for this company because i was "Hired" but never even worked. I agreed to the required training which was about $102.00 even. i got fingerprints done, backround check done and aced the job interview. They set me up for the wrong orientation date and then had me wait a week to do the training. I complete the training and call them immediately. They tell me to wait for a phone call. So i do for two weeks. They called and they asked if i could work. I said of course but not Saturday (as i put on m job application). They tell me to wait again. One full month later i get a rejection notice and a collection fee for $102.00. That is just low on all ends. I fought for their freedom so they can screw people over and take up collections. I think they are as crooked as they come. They dont know if theyre going to hire or not hire someone. Tell them they go the job, reject them and try to collect on the $102.00. What low lives and a truly reprehensible company.

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  • Mr
      May 20, 2012

    Well, how do you know if you "ACED" the interview? I doubt they told you. Perhaps your EGO? The fact you waited so long for them to offer you a position after having received the PRE-HIRE TRAINING that does not automatically mean you are entitled to a job, goes to show YOU LACK COMMON SENSE and you realy are not the brightest knife in the drawer. I to am a veteran from the 70's and I resent you brining in your military service into this lambchop. No stand tall or sit the [censored] down, lick your wounded ego, and go forth and find a job elsewhere.

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