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ScoreSense / debting my checking account w/o permissin

PMB suite 100, Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-972-7204

Their address is listed more completely somewhere in the list of
Consumer complaints.

These people advertise that for 1 refundable dollar, they will send you a report on your credit scores.. So they did this, using my checking account debit card. However, they neglect to make it very clear that you are signing for membership at $29.95 a month unless you cancel within 7 days.

So, on looking online at my bank statement, I find that charge, call them, and they say they have to turn it over to billing department. They finally give me a cancellation for membership number but neglect to send that via email for proof.

Also, 8 hours later, after speaking with 3 reps., they do send me an email saying they are giving me back my dollar but not crediting my $29.95.

So, I cut and pasted every complaint on this board, about 8 pages worth, and sent them to the company, via email, telling them that these are people they have scammed, going back to 2010, and that I will report them to my dispute dept of my bank, to bbb, and very possibly to, which was recommended by one of the victims of this scam outfit.

I am going to print out all 8 pages of the complaints to give to my bank as more evidence.

David gross wanted to set up a class action.. I think that is a good idea.. Need to get this lot out of business.

Girl interrupted.

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  • Su
      1st of Apr, 2012

    No, they don't make it clear at all. I don't know what web site you are reading,
    but the one I was reading did not clarify this term of condition at all,
    nor was there any area in which one signed on a box, "I agree" so
    that dozens of us are victims of this corrupt organization.

    Furthermore, they are rats in a sinking ship. They will be reported
    by anyone who has the time and fortitude to do so.

    My bank looks unfavorably on such fraud.

    There will be a dispute of this illegal action, and they will refund
    this money. It is a criminal act to mislead and to withdraw
    funds from a checking account w/o written permission.

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  • Su
      1st of Apr, 2012

    As I recall, they do not have an introductory sentence stating that one should
    read the bottom of the page, the small print, nor do they give a hint that
    there is such an option.. the invite is to donate a dollar and get a report,
    and the dollar is refunded.

    They did not even refund the dollar.. it wasn't until my phone call yesterday
    that they emailed me they would refund the dollar.. I am still waiting for that.
    It had been over 10 days, and if I had not made an issue of it, the dollar would
    not have been offered back to me. They think that will pacify me. WRONG.

    From what I read on this particular Complaints Blog is that many intelligent
    and educated people were also deceived. True, some of the posters do not
    have a grasp of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but they are sincere
    in their perception of what occurred.

    If it were only a handful of people, well, one might think the terms were made
    clear: that you are signing your life away to a place which takes your money
    without any road signs, refuses to credit it back, and has sales people/reps
    who are rude and obnoxious. The woman I spoke with the first call was
    motor-mouthed and spoke as if she were running for a train, no
    audio devices attached to her vocal cords, and without any charm.

    Sorry, I do not rationalize their unethical dealings with the public.

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  • Be
      18th of Apr, 2012

    I agree with the complaints as I am currently trying to receive a refund for the $29.95 unauthorized charge made to my MasterCard. I did not receive notification that the "free trial" was ending which would have allowed me sufficient time to cancel. I did not receive an invoice stating that a charge was made to my account. I realized that the charge was made when I tried to use my card and it came back as having insufficient funds. After investigating with my credit card company I discovered that the reason was the ScoreSense charge. When I called to cancel the customer service rep assured me that the account would be cancelled and I would receive a refund. Then 24 hours later I receive an email stating that a refund would not be granted because I cancelled AFTER the trial period expired. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company, the BBB and FTC. This must stop!

    The terms were NOT made clear. In order to fully understand the terms and conditions you would have to find the tiny link at the bottom of the page. They take every step possible to direct your visual focus away from that. I foolishly trusted them since they are in the business of protecting the consumer from fraud and scams. They are inflicting exactly that on anyone who signs up for their so- called free trial.

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  • Lo
      25th of Apr, 2012

    I signed up for a free trial with these idiots (on 19Apr12), which was supposed to be a free 7 day free trial, and on the 2nd day of the free trial (20Apr12), they had ALREADY taken the money out of my account for a month membership. I called my bank because I had no idea why money had come out of my account, & found out it was Scoresense. It STATES in their terms and conditions that if you cancel before the 7 day trial that you will NOT be charged, and they make this VERY clear. Well...they had already taken it out of my account (not a hold, either, but completely out), on the 2nd day of my free trial (on the 20th, which wasn't supposed to come out until after the 7 days, IF I didn't cancel). I promptly cancelled my account with them (on the 2nd day of the free trial) & requested a refund (on 20Apr12). These ###s then sent me an email on the 24th of April telling me they were denying my refund because I hadn't cancelled my free trial before the 7 days were up. Now realize, I signed up for the 7 day free trial on the 19th, then cancelled on the 20th. They sent me the denial of refund email on the 24th. Had I NOT cancelled, my trial wouldn't have even been up until the 26th. Can these guys even do basic math? They sent me an email telling me they wouldn't refund my money because I hadn't cancelled before the trial had ended 2 DAYS before the trial would have even ended !!??!!

    These guys are frauds and just trying to get your credit card #. They have done this to alot of people. People that have cancelled are STILL being charged/ripped off, some even being charged for months after they've cancelled, EVEN those like me who DID read the fine print and cancelled BEFORE the 7 day free trial was up. I've got printed copies of all emails, etc. and am still trying to get this money refunded. I'm working with my bank now (For god's sake if this happens to you, CALL YOUR BANK and tell them not to take any more transactions from Scoresense), and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau (among others), and possibly a lawyer.

    Avoid these thieves like a plague, & if they've done this to you, do anything you can to help get them shut down.

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  • Lo
      28th of Apr, 2012

    UPDATE: After contacting my bank and dealing further with Scoresense operators, I finally managed to get a refund. I would like to think the above scenario was just a fluke, but I've seen so many complaints on these guys that I still wouldn't recommend giving them your credit card #. Just the fact that they yank money out of your account for a membership as soon as you start your free trial is red flag enough. I got a refund, but that could have had alot to do with the fact that I had printed copies of all the emails, etc. I got (ALWAYS print out emails & correspondence, ALL of it). Never had I had anyone take money out of my account before the free trial was up, & I've had quite a few free trials. I got a refund, but I've read about a LOT of people who haven't, so I'd still say dealing with these guys is risky business. Besides, with these guys' math skills, I don't think I'd want them watching my credit anyway.

    If you have any problems like the above one, print out all correspondence from them (to send to them & your bank) and keep on them. If they won't do anything, contact your bank (& send them copies of everything) and have them dispute it. 9 times out of 10 your bank should be able to get it refunded. If your bank doesn't want to do anything about it, get another bank.

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