Sawnee EMC / disgustingly overcharged

1 Cumming, GA, United States

Re: Electrical Meter Relocation for 3440 Sharon Dr. Cumming, Ga. 30041

Dear Mr. Goodroe

On November of 2011 I contacted Suwanee EMC to relocate my meter to a new meter box. After a few days, an engineer by the name of Mr. Serge Gagnon was assigned to contact me. After days of waiting and leaving messages on his phone, finally Mr. Gagnon appeared at the house.

After a long discussion between Mr. Gagnon, my electrician, the carpenter, and I, Mr. Gagnon came up with the idea to put a new pole in the middle of the yard and an underground cable connecting it to the meter box. After he quoted us a price of $250, we all agreed to go ahead with his plan. He then started marking the ground and putting flags for the new service cable. Based on the quote he gave us we went ahead with new wirings in the house.

Few weeks later, I made several attempts to get in touch with him, but with no success. He never answered the phone nor returned any of my phone calls. My last attempt to call him was last month, again without any answer. After this last attempt, I sent a message to customer service by e-mail and also contacted them by phone and issued a complaint against him. A few days later he stopped by again and marked the ground and put new flags and left without any attempt to speak with me about the service.

Last week I applied for a temporary power connection with Forsyth County Planning and Development. After this, Mr. Serge called me and left a curt message on my phone, in which he simply gave the price of the new connection of $1959.32. This price was four times higher than the original quote he gave us. I called him back right away to speak with him regarding the price, but again he did not respond or return my calls.

Mr. Gagnon has been dishonest, rude, and unprofessional in my entire experience with him. I feel that he changed the price of the service out of spite for me. An employee like Mr. Serge will seriously damage reputable companies like Suwanee EMC.

I have two witnesses who were present when he gave my original quote who can back up my claim and testify in court if necessary.

I am only asking for fairness and to be charged for the service with the original quote that I was given. I will consider taking legal action if this issue is not resolved in 10 days.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


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