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I been buying a brand new proton satria neo 1.6m in the july 2009..sending back to PROTON HEQADQUARTER for SERVICE/REPAIR more then 8 times but still the same thing happen?

1 week - both side door cannot open ( back to service centre )
3 day after - same case locking button cannot up ( back to service centre )
3 day - whole alarm system ( remote control cannot function ) - ( send in Proton headquarter for 4 days - repair/service )
1 week - alarm system break down auto unlock ( no matter manually lock or remote control lock will auto unlock ) - ( send back to Proton headquarter another 4-5 days - repair/service )
3-4 days - alarm system failure ( whole car system breakdown totally cannot unlock/start ) - ( Toll back to proton headquarter - 4 days - repair/service )
4 days - alarm system failure ( will auto unlock/lock/alarm breakdown/cannot start car ) - ( Toll back to proton HQ again - 4 days - changing the whole alarm system by waranty )
2 days - alarm system failure ( door cannot lock / alarm beeping ) - ( Call Customer Service come ) - ( repair )
5 days - alarm system failure ( door cannot lock / alarm beeping ) - Break down in Singapore - ( Toll back to SG Proton ) - 4 days ( Repair ) - but SG proton only can help me to unswitch all the alarm system function and ask me to drive n handover back to Proton MAL

Sharing some of my problem here..Hope you will Think twice about PROTON QA/SERVICES
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A  18th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I send my proton satria neo in for rear shocks(still under warantee).i had to wait almost 3weeks.
when they finally deliver i send my car for them to be fitted.
got my car back.
when i opened the boot to clean off their dirty hand marks i saw that they had broke my pannels.
after complaining they refused to replace them.
got my car back from a service drove 1000km.
i saw that my car wass pissing iol all over the drive way
phoned proton the following morning tp complain AGAIN
they came and fetched.
@ the workshop they phoned me to tell me there was a crack in the sump
they tried to cover it up by applying SELICONE SEALANT(WOW great service)
i have to sit without a car for a whole month
and still waiting for delivery for my precious gold platted sump
i really think proton's service suck
next year i will SELL the damn thing and buy sumthing worth paying for
A  6th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I bought brand new satria neo 1.6(A), my car got this problem before my first service and now millege
only about 400km.

1. first day i found out got some scratch on the hand brake puller and gear holder.
2. found out 1 side of back lamp cover inside boot missing.
3. proton got a ring lamp at the key insert place but my that ring lamp doesnt work (no light).
4. everytime i start my car, my car fuse always blown (memory fuse 10A). when this fuse blown, my
car audio player cannot on, clock doesnt work, and alarm system doesnt work, every counter reset to
zero whenever i off my car.
5. Dont know what problem will come next!!
A  9th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I bought a BRAND NEW Proton Satria New 7 days ago and I have had endless broblems! After having a closer look I noticed that the ower inlet (lighter) cap was broken off. THe rear back fog light button was stuck and would not reset. The wiper arms was badly corroaded/rusted. I reported it the next day and Proton Edenvale informed me that the rust comes from weeks at sea as the car was imported via sea freight. After all this I got a flat tyre on day 6 and after removing the left front tyre we noticed some more rust, after closer inspection we found that the whole under part of the car including the swing arms, suspension and drive shaft was badly rusted. I was shocked, I have been driving my daughter to school in that car that is clearly not save and a ticking time bomb. after reporting the situation with pictures for support I have had no assistance from Proton Edenvale. 4 days ago I decided to return the car to them as I would like the brand new car that I have paid for. I am still waiting for their answer, no reply, so support NOTHING. I have to call them and then still they have no answer for me. I do not want the parts replaced, I want the car replaced!!! I dont even have number plates yet and my car is already back in the shop. I regret everyday that I bought that Proton. If you were thinking of buying one, please think twice! Car looks nice but you will not have any support once something goes wrong.
D  19th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Proton 1 word is totally suck...so many proton dealer is sharing their system...when got new buyer ..their will deliver all old stock and sell us as new car..so all the part and performance is totally suck..no QA...only wait until ppl cars spoile n send back proton n charge us..make ppl life more complicated..Hope everyone see this comment ...and think twice about proton..their have no new car...all is old stock ..n sell it in market especially SIANG HIN subang outlet is worst.please ALERT!!!
N  21st of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
after i buy my satri neo 1 week later

- central lock connot up...door cannot open.
- mounting vibrate send to HQJB repair.. change new one
- after few month same problem continue
- i go to complaint they say i need to send HQKL to check problem
- and HQKL side decide to come in JB foe my problem
( this mounting problem start when my NEO was 1 month that mean my milegue about 500-700 km. and every 5000km to service i'll complaint about that )
- until my mileuge reach 49800km ( 9time service acording to every 5000km) HQKL person call me. He handle my case.
- i send my car to check about 1wk. sometime i go to see how is progress
- 1day i see my on road.. (my rutine road to my workplace and HQJB was close ) the person drove my car so fastly i cant chase ( i used my frend car ATOS) maybe thats y cannot chase.
- 2morrow morning i call HQJB to check how is condition..and they say still in progress
-after 1 1/2 wk the per call me to test drive with me to make sure that vibrate still noising or not
- i came and drive.. inside the car with me is Proton Branch Manager of Costumer Service, Proton Branch Manager of Sales and from HQKL foreman who handle my chase.
( everybody know proton waranty that time is 50, 000km or 3year wich come first)
- so, when i start my engine the person tell me that we test you car more than 150km coz we need to makesure that vibrate. i felt its ok i hope that vibrate solve.
- and when i drive that vibrate still noising. so i tell that person inside my car
- very the simple answer..they say 'bang PROTON memang mcm nie bang..kita dah cuba tpi hanya stakat ni kita bleh bantu abang.. mana2 kreta pun kalau jln kat tmpt tak rata memang bunyi bang.. lagi pun bang kita dah xboleh buat apa2 sebab milegue abg dah 50000km, waranty dah habis bang..lgi pun kita ada byk lgi kereta nk settle nie bang...
- so.. i just cant say anythink... i cant complaint to anybody anymore coz inside my car is HQJB branch MANAGER.. what can i do?? call HQKL about my problem? hahaha they have no time for me...
- that time i was thinking myself.. when u try to sell u car, , ..u dint tell me like that...but now u can say anyword u wan...
- until now my car 4year already...i still used it..still vibrate..but when service i didt go that place anyanymore...
- This is What Proton with they Costumers.. i like proton car they have improvment BUT sometime this people will make this company Gone Wrong...
N  8th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hm...i get my Satria Neo 1.6 when it was launch back in 2006. maybe among the earliest owner. now, it has been an exciting 4 years and i still love my neo. it has reached 170, xxx km (always on long distance move) and still going well. unbelievably, or maybe i'm just a lucky one, i had not encounter any of the problem you guys had gone thro. now proton come out with "Inspira". maybe i will get one. thanks...
N  20th of Apr, 2015 by    0 Votes
I'm about to get a neo 1.6 M. Reading all of your post is making me think twice, but satria has always been a must-have car in my life long list. I will pursue my interest in getting the car. After a couple of months, if you don't see my follow up post, it means my car is all well. In my opinion, if you handle your baby well, she'll give you good results. Period.

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