San Jose Mercury Newsdelivering a sj mercury 1 day per week when 7 days per week was agreed to

M Jul 03, 2018

At a SF Baseball game, last month I subscribed to a 7 day per week physical delivery of the SJ Mercury News newspaper. After about 2 weeks on June 14, I called and said that I had recieved only 1 Sunday paper. They informed me that I would only receive the Sunday paper because physical delivery may not be available Thursday, Fri, or Sat, but if it was I should start receiving it. They also said that I will recieve no electronic or physical papers on Monday, Tues, or Weds. I talked to a neighbor person and they said it was deliverable as they were recieving the paper. I don't know what days or which paper, but none has arrived on anything but Sunday. I have recieved two Sunday papers, one as late as 4-5pm.. Today, being my 4th contact phone with the SJ Mercury news paper, I canceled after sending multiple emails to cancel, and they automatically believed that since I was unwilling to be on hold for another 30 - 45 mins waiting for a person that I was now recieving the paper. I should call each time/each day and wait 30-45 mins on hold if didn't recieve the paper. Since I don't expect things to change, I spent 45 mins arguing with a person that I was canceling it and they informed me that I would be charged for 60 days of delivery service and some unspecified dollar amount that failed to delivered any papers except 2. I will be contacting the BBB and the California attorney general after this for charging for newspapers that are refused to be delivered. Brisbane, CA.

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