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I, like so many others have been scammed by this company
I ordered my handy key charger back in May of this year. I have still not received it or my refund. I have contacted them on numerous occasions
. After my first refund request, they replied that it was being reviewed by the refund depth and I would get an email from them I a few days. This did not happen. I have contacted them numerous times request my refund and get the same response that it was received and is being reviewed.
Like so many others that have been scammed by this company, I am very angry at myself for falling for this. I doubt that I will see either the product or the refund but I wanted to let everyone know that this is a scam! ! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! ! ! IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM! !!

Aug 10, 2016

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