Salvation Army / forced out and treated like nothing

Southern avenue, Fayetteville north carolina, United States

I needed assistance with food clothing and a 94.00 disconnect bill I had previously paid a budget billing of 545.00 and 300.00 my fiancé just got a temp job our food stamp was cut 300.00 which means we also have to buy food gas there is two disabled people elderly 63 myself 35 my two children 11 and 12 I had to have surgery a week ago and had to buy meds that aren't on my insurance I am hiv pos and we use machines that are important to my health and my mother is on a cpap there was a lot of miscommunication on there side I was escorted out and told I needed to come up with receipts forced out with no food or clothes and a possibility of my electric being shut off any day please help me they treatede like they were better then me

Jan 31, 2015

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