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12sycamore , Tamworth England Staffordshire, United Kingdom Review updated:

On 12/09/15 my new door ect, was fitted but was missing a glass window in panel 1week Later a fitter came out with wrong glass and parts, made several phone calls and emails to safestyle uk complaints department with more information about more faults, requested a home visit but no joy .the list of faults are the door is bowed, uneven cut to the bottom of the door plus it's peeling, the side of the door were the hinges hold the weight to the door should be screwed to solid wall for support and strengthen it, its 9mm away or short packed and filled with foam, local window company's that looked and stated its beyond help and have quoted not to mention there company names that's visited my home due to the Bradford based owners of safestyle uk are nasty people, I've now turned to Anglian to get new door ect,

Oct 16, 2015
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  • An
      Nov 17, 2015

    Had Windows and composite door fitted in August, fitters damaged doors on fitting and drove off when tackled about the damage. Now 5 months and 7 visits later they
    1 . don't turn up and use the excuse they got stuck in traffic
    2. . they turn up with damaged parts and say it's not worth fitting them they will re order they can't help it they are having problems with the manufacturer
    3 . Turn up with wrong parts and claim they didn't know any better that's what they have been told
    Do not use this company they are unprofessional . That show quality in standards. And are completely ignorant . If you are daft enough to use them don't pay them untill everything is 100%

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  • Tr
      Feb 04, 2016

    Had a composite door and side panel fitted, also French doors at back off property. Firstly had a three week delay, finally fitted 21/12/15. French doors opened wrong way, locks wrong fitting window scew wiff, Front door so out off line it didn't even fit in frame therefore rain is pissing in from the top. Internal beading missing locks wrong and side panel 60mm out off line with front door. D'ont bother ringing customer care they blame the regional fitters and wont even lodge a complaint. By the way had remedial fitters today who have fixed the French doors, 4/2/16. It was going so well but alas the front door and side panel to be replaced is the wrong one, deep joy wonder what will turn up in the safestyle lucky bag next time. Photographic evidence available.

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  • Ke
      Sep 20, 2016

    Had new windows and new composite front door fitted.Windows fitted ok however fitters seem to think they can replace motar with silicone sealant everywhere.Composite door before fitted was left standing on the drive behind there van with the back door of the van open, it was quite a windy day, the wind blew the van door on to the composite door which fell onto the concrete driveway, unto my knowledge the door had been damaged but the fitters didnt mention anything to me at the time.Whilst installing the front bay window the fitter who doesnt usually fit the glazing decided to fit it and broke the first and only glazing unit he fitted during the installation.The head fitter then told me we would have to have service visit to replace the glazed unit and the damaged door handle to the composite door(which i had no knowledge of until then) on inspection of the door i also found damage to the inside panel, which the fitter said he had not noticed and it would need a resin repair.There fitter phoned his office and i was given a date when they would carry out the repairs.The service engineer came, replaced glazed unit and damaged handle however had no knowledge about the resin repair to the door and he did not carry the equipment on his van to do the job with and said it must be the other service engineer who had the equipment on his van.Before he left i signed the paperwork to say the work had been completed, i mentioned about the resin repair to the door and he said he would let his office know.I was now getting suspicious about safestyle so my wife phoned customer services to find out when the resin repair would be done, they told my wife they were unable to get through to the Birmingham branch and would email us the information that day. Did not recieve any email so my wife phoned the next day again to customer services.She was told that the job had been signed off has being completed so the service engineer either did not mention to head office about the door repair or head office just ignored him.My wife explained to them that all the jobs had not been completed and she was told that a new job sheet had been sent to the Birmingham office and we would recieve a phone call to let us know when the repairs would be completed.Still no phone call, So the moral of this story is STAY AWAY FROM SAFESTYLE UK WINDOWS.There product is good however the fitting needs vast improvement and there customer services are non-existent. Also do not pay in full until all the work is completed, i was too trusting and paid in full(Lesson learned)

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  • Da
      Jul 25, 2017

    I had composite door and side panel fitted 4 months ago. Not straight. finally got to speak to someone at head office andthey sent surveyor round again. He agreed door frame damageg, not straight and missing metal strip inbetween which reduces bounce when closing. That was in may. Still waiting. Spent over 100 pounds on phone calles and still the usual "someone will call you". Am consideringlegal action now. I would never use them again and would recomend anyone to go elsewhere.

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