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I am disgusted with Safestyle UK. After quotes and survey by them, they advised that we should have "trickle vents" put in all the windows. After installation, all the windows are now noisier and colder than before. I then complained to them and they finally changed some of the vents but the net result is the same. They are cold and noisy and whistle badly on windy days. 14 months later they are now saying that they are not prepared to do any more and are walking away from the problem. The problem was compounded by their totally inadequate complaints procedure. They don't call back, you chase and they don't seem to know what the situation is and take another few days just to find out. We finally got a surveyor (we've had lots) who agreed that the vents should not have been installed and agreed to replace all windows affected. Dates were all set and then they decided not to go ahead (due to cost) with the replacement but to try different vents. The net result was the same.

I would therefore, NEVER use them again and would strongly deter any other potential customers from doing so. They are unreliable and totally unprofessional.

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  • Bo
      Dec 15, 2010

    i used too install for safestyle uk and they are the biggest bodge it and scarper cowboys i"ve ever worked for they told us the installers too get the windows and doors in no matter what and if the customer caught us bodging it and asked for it too be put right or some reduction off the bill then it would come off our wages the biggest ripoff merchants around

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  • Th
      Apr 08, 2012

    i too have worked for safestyle and you right about what you say thay told me too cut the top off windows to get them too fit as thay will not remake them for 30mm and not on one case ether the manager is rude to customers and talks to the installers like crap and then tells you to take glass out of peoples homes if thay can not pay that day but say thay will pay the next day the product is made very badly thay use very cheap locks and the keeps bend i did not fit one window that was made sq thay ever job is rushed as the fitters don't have the proper time to do a nice job as you get told it has to be done in 1 day i would never work for them again and would tell any good fitters not too as thay tell you a load of lies too get you to start then you find out what its really like so a word of warning too any one fitter of customers do not work or buy from the worst company out there

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  • Ro
      Apr 15, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    I would never recommend these to my worse enemy rip off merchants and the way they treat their customers is disgusting

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  • Ro
      Apr 15, 2013

    A disgusting firm don't care who they hurt

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  • Fa
      Jul 16, 2013

    Safestyle are rubbish. The fitters stole £200 from me by Demanding money they were not due, I had to reclaim in cash from a manager locally, and also had the front door adjusted 3 times and now it doesn't fit again!!! and it hits the frame when we try to shut the front door we have been told we have to wait one month before they will come out to fix it, And that we should use the back door instead!! Shocking company shocking customer service shocking after-care please do not use this cowboy outfit! You have been warned:((

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  • Pr
      Oct 04, 2013


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  • Aj
      Dec 03, 2013

    I was ripped off by the safe style uk fitter, he told me he would fit soffits and facia all round for cash, took the money and run. Worse part was when I went to the depot the manager told me he "had jacked" and he had done that to customers at least three times before, each time safe style had to pay customers back, .unfortunately they didn't pay me back because he left and wouldn't give me an address to follow it up.
    The amazing thing is they let a known fraudster go into people's houses on their behalf.
    Also never came and sorted out the edging strips that came unstuck.
    Should be " you buy one you get done free"!
    If anyone else has been done by Gordon Simmonds from Kent would love to hear from you. [protected]

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  • Al
      Jan 09, 2014

    Safestyle fitters arrived without polyurethane foam to bed the windows in, therefore I had to go to B&Q and get it myself...they also had to borrow other tools from me to finish the job. I regret paying them now as the rendering and french door fit was appalling!...I made numerous complaints about all this and they sent several more bodgers to try and rectify it over a period of 6 months before finally the finish was reasonable...There is no contact between fitters and salesmen as the latter kept pestering, and some of the fitters and so called 'engineers' appear to hate the company with comments like ''I would contact trading standards'' or ''Watchdog'' if I were you!...I had one so called local manager say that his granny could do better rendering when I sent him photos of that particular bodge.
    If anyone is interested in seeing these photos my email is [protected] ...My advice is to avoid Safestyle at any cost as they are rubbish.

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  • Da
      Feb 03, 2014

    I recently had a quote from Safestyle UK for 11 windows and a front and back door. The total list price quoted was £23000 (yes!! £23000), which eventually came down to around £12000 after special discounts.

    After 2 days I had a call from them regarding their quotation, and they were very pushy in wanting to come round to discuss their quote that evening, and when I said no, they invited themselves round for 10am the next day, to which I again said no.

    I naively thought that was the end of it until this afternoon (some 2 weeks later), when I had yet another call from them. This time I told them I had already placed an order with somebody else (which I have), and that seemed to satisfy them.

    Other quotes I received were cheaper by some £4000 - £5000.

    The moral of the story is : NEVER, NEVER invite a safestyle rep round to give a quotation (which incidentally is never given in writing!!!)

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  • Ne
      Mar 02, 2014

    I had Safestyle come out to my Aunts house twice eventually I agreed to use them. I was advised that the cooling off period was 14 days, I also asked the rep if I had to be the homeowner and he said the cooling off period was flexible and that I did not need to be the home owner. Like an idiot I believed him without actually reading the contract. I also made it clear I did not want subbies which he did write on the contract. Within the 14 days I decided to cancel and that was when I was bluntly told I was outside the 7 days and if I did not have the job done they would take me to court. The job was booked for 28th feb but when I called them they said it was 25th and my mistake. Eventually they changed it to the 28th or so I thought. I confirmed it the day before with their depot but then their HO said no one was available. I then waiting about four times for someone to call me and they didnt so I kept calling them and eventually a manager came on and offered me a further discount in respect of the building works, another manager came on and started shouting down the phone at me accusing me of fraud and god knows what else he said irrespective off who owns the house they will arrive on friday to fit the windows and if I refused they would take me to court. Despite telling them not to come out on the wednesday they did and was banging on the door of my elderly disabled aunt demanding that they be permitted to fit the windows. They have now given me 14 days to allow them to do the work or they are threatening to take me to court. I later ffound that they only use self employed contractors and I specifically said no subbies to be used and on their own web site they say that in order for them to do any work of this kind they will need the express permission of the home owner off whiich they had no agreement, do I have a case to cancel this contract? can anyone help?

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  • Ri
      Mar 14, 2014

    There is no contract because you are not the home owner. They only threaten to take you to court. They would loose, as they have broken the may 2008 consumer protection act against unfair trading practices, on several counts. If they call you up again tell them you are going to contact watch dog and trading standards and they'll soon cancel the contract.

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  • Ru
      May 14, 2014

    I too have used Safestyle for windows and doors and French doors, after complaint after complaint, and several visits from so called fitters, I have finally gone legal with them, I just need an independant surveyor to check the installation over before I go throughthe legal system.
    Safestyle are unprofessional, bullies, and lie through their back teeth, DONT USE TH
    EM you will REGRET it.

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  • Ir
      Aug 23, 2014

    After three weeks of phone calls and empty promises, then a recorded letter of complaint, I received a letter in return from Lifestyle UK.They say after the complaints department have received my mail {it was posted to there} then within 14 days I would be contacted by e mail.fax, phone or by a visit. My reasons for complaint are numerous, but ln brief, I complained about shoddy sealant to exterior windows.things got extremely aggressive.I am almost 72 years old and I was quite shocked.I rang Safestyle.After more aggressive phone calls from them, I finally complied with requests to let the fitters finish, being late at night my wife and I just wanted them gone.after which we discovered that sealant had been strewn over decking, walls, fencing, drive surface, in plant pots and flowers.

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  • Br
      Sep 18, 2014

    Where do I begin...right from when the salesman said he didn't like to leave without an order to the engineer needing to get to his sons parents evening and rebooking the appt to the next day and then a window arriving cracked which was then fitted and i was promised a new one would be ordered, 8 weeks on and following a complaint letter which is yet to be replied to I still have no window just a cracked one some kerb appeal! The newly glossed window sills were trodden on and the fitting of the front door was a shambles even the fitters moaned at the poor qulaity of the screws! The attitude of most of the staff is hopeless and Iwould not recommend them! Safestyle need to get their act together!

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  • Le
      Nov 09, 2014

    safestyle windows fited only a year ago. We found this when one of the internat facia bords fell of during some redecorating, we removed the rest and found these

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  • Jh
      Nov 26, 2014

    Would not recommend safe style, this now the fourth time at my property to put things right, sealant coming off from the windows, lintels not correctly fitted

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  • Il
      Dec 14, 2014

    I recently had my windows fitted by Safestyle, A cowboy company!!! THe only interest they have is MONEY and as soon as they have been paid they do not care about the after sales service. You are left to chase them and make several phone calls yet they have failed to respond to my calls. When I managed to speak to a manger I was told that engineer would come to look at the finished job, needless to say he did not turn up. I called again and was assured the engineer would come the next day but failed to turn up. I intend to take this matter further. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE. I URGE ANYONE THINKING OF USING SAFESTYLE TO FIRST VISIT THIS SITE!

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  • He
      Dec 22, 2014

    If u need new windows DO NOT use Safestyle...awful sales people who do not know anything about the company.

    Also they have made me spend hundreds of pounds on brickwork that didn't need to be done then said they still wouldn't do the windows. When I asked for compensation they offered me a final offer of £50...Crooks.

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  • Ky
      Jan 23, 2015

    We were initially interested in getting a quote for our windows replaced however the salesman was a complete bully, extremely pushy and would not leave our house and allow us to put our young daughters to bed. My husband practically had to be rude to him to get him out of our house. Since this 6 months ago, we have been bombarded with phone calls from their company offering to lower the quote even further than the original salesman did. We have told them politely each time that we are not interested in dealing with them however they continue to call us. They keep telling us they will take us off "the system" but don't as we continue to this day to get pushy phone calls. Today I threatened to escalate this complaint to a higher level (trading standards) if they do not stop calling us. We have had enough.

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  • Cr
      Mar 10, 2017

    @kyoga They can't take you off their system as your details are on a lead sheet that They will send out to various semi independent branches . nothing is kept on computer because they are paranoid that the Tele canvassers will copy the data onto a memory stick and sell it to other double glazing firms . They are a bunch of lying sociopaths.

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  • D1
      Feb 02, 2015

    Worst company ever! I would not recommend them to anyone even if they were the last company on the planet. I've had 7 windows, front door and French doors put in by them and all of them are draughty, don't close properly and have caused nothing but problems. Badly fitted by cowboy sub-contractors working for a cowboy company. By the way, the Salemen lie when they say that all the fitters are trained Safestyle fitters. Its not TRUE.

    Safestyle customer service is horrendous. They don't want to hear about problems let alone sort them out. They promise someone will call back but no-one does so you end up chasing them. They give you a date but then no-one turns up so you've taken days off from work for no reason. The installation managers are rude and threatening on the phone and do not know how to talk to customers. There is no-one who handles complaints and gets things fixed.
    I am starting a formal complaint process against Safetyle through Fensa, GGF and Trading Standards. I'll probably have to get the windows repaired through another company because I would not trust Safestyle anywhere near my house again.

    If you are thinking of going with Safestyle, DONT DO IT! It'll be the worse mistake you make.

    We've recently had windows replaced at a relatives house through a local double glazing firm and it was such a pleasant experience compared to the nightmare of dealing with Safestyle.

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  • No
      Jul 28, 2015

    This cowboys knocked on my front door when I clearly have a no cold calling sign, if they cannot follow simple directions like this then how can they possibly do more complex tasks! AVOID!!! Just another example of their cowboy practices!

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  • Pa
      Sep 11, 2015

    sorry I have read reports but I can only say my experience about 7 years ago was fair they fitted my whole house at a very good price, I am satisfied the reason I am looking at there complaints I am considering working for them

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  • Bu
      Dec 16, 2015

    Sorry one word for this firm but i cannot use that word S..t and a expensive rip off, you have to pay to have the windows measured by their surveyor

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  • Ri
      Dec 17, 2015

    I'm locked in my house waiting for for brigade my new door has broke. I have never been able to lock it properly as the door does not align with the frame and now the handle spins and I can't get out. I called safe style twice and they said someone would come same day but they never did. The door was meant to have Kevlar lining and it's just a upvc door and not composite as was advertised.
    I now have to cancel all my meetings tomorrow and loose a days money

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  • Jb
      Apr 22, 2016

    Had Windows and 2 doors fitted on the 3 of March not a window fitted fitted straight seals gone in the bay window after 2 days ruined the rendering around everything especially the doors, front door was not fitted squarely and was scratched and damaged on the day of installation sent a so called fitter back to sort it out he broke the frame of the door tried to hide it with more silicon promised me a new door and window with in 14 days still waiting for a reply Craig sillls out side and inside cut to short sealing around the Windows is absolutely shocking damage to my property is disgraceful only phone calls is courtesy calls to see if I'm happy with the job and one aggressive phone call because I refuse to pay my 2 years interest free loan fitters were absolute Cowboys it's know the 22 of April front door still leaking wot a ### company full of lies and bull ### a fella called Mathew said he would over see the job start to finish haven't seen him once full of it mush how u get away with it is amazing needs to be looked in to trading standards its wrong so wrong I was told it would take 2 days fitters moaned they had to get it done in one day because they only get 10 percent of the job and was swearing about it please everybody who reads this don't go through wot we've gone through stay clear of these rip off merchants

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  • Lo
      Jun 11, 2016

    I will never use SafeStyle Uk again the Customer Service is appalling ... Agreed to two Windows paid my £75 Surveyor fee ... Surveyor came out measured two weeks later SafeStyle ring asking us to check measurements they text them through..So we checked as my husband is a builder measurements different to what they have sent us ... Rang them and they said that their surveyors are the best and don't make mistakes .. They sent a disclaimer form through post for us to sign so their not liable with their measurements .. Well we're not going to sign and I told them that and they said it would be best if we cancelled our contract and give you your £75 surveyor fee back and you find someone else .. We even sent them pictures with tape measure measurements to prove we were right ... So guess what we're not going to use them and I suggest like everyone else has said don't get ripped of by them

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  • Re
      Jun 21, 2016

    Never even got a far as fitting! they wanted 50% up front after I paid £75 surveyor until they spoke to my daughter to confirm it was her property as she is working abroad, I gave the dates she would be home, they never called I called them asked them to call her on the Tuesday, no call, they even called while we where skyping I said he could speak to her via skype was told he would call back right away, nothing, totally unreliable and they expect us to pay 50% up front ! NO CHANCE, they have now cancelled our order and refuse to refund the serveyor fee I have told them the cash is here waiting but no, Also said after speaking to my daughter she would still have to paid 50% up front before they would fit them, I think after reading all the comments on here we had a lucky escape, .

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  • Sa
      Jul 25, 2016

    Last March i had Safestyle fit a new back door and window in my kitchen. It was the most appalling workmanship you can imagine. I now have broken brickwork all around the door and window frames and cracked tiles on the inside.The door frame was too big by about 5 cm so the fitter Richard from Stevenage depot bashed out the damp course to make it fit and then a line if mortar along the top of the window ledge to get it level with the door This was too much taken out so i now have a gap at the top. The whole frame was not sealed properly all round and the door was left almost touching the floor on the inside. No room for the burglar alarm wire to be fitted back which he left and could not even put a rug down..All i got from the Stevenage depot manager was delaying tactics, no answering my calls ect. When i sent photo's to the head office in Bradford showing all the damage no gap at the bottom of the door for a thin burglar alarm wire let alone a mat, their answer was we don't understand the meaning of the photo's. More delaying tactics.which worked as i got fed up with them.I have now got another reputable firm to fix the door for me at more expense but would never let Safestyle cowboys in my house ever again to mess it up twice or more. In the final end they tried to blame it on me by saying that i asked for a low profile door which i did not, and does low profile mean it scraped the floor after a few days..BE WARNED EVERY BODY DON'T GO NEAR THEM

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  • Mr
      Aug 04, 2016

    These events have been over the last 10 years. After reading all of the above reviews, I too would like to add my comments. We had an initial consultation visit and we were also advised to have vents on all our windows also, the installation was carried out and initially, it all seemed very satisfactory however as time went by, we have been having issues with noise (as though the windows are open) in winter, the heat doesn't stay in and after 1 hour of turning off the heating, the house feels cold. In addition, all of our locks have been faulty and we have had to request very frequent call outs, for their engineers to come and sort out (to include fire escape windows too) We have complained many times about sorting our issues but all they agreed to do, was to replace all the locks and handles, as the originals are dated. The engineers also advised complaining for more actions as apparently, the company has new owners who are serious about their reputation (if they had one to start with!) and to stand our ground but after several messages, and some abrupt replies from them, the situation still remains and the New window locks are still breaking down. Unfortunately, 10 years have passed and we are out of their warranty period, we still need our issues sorting but sadly, they kept us at bay and now we have no leg to stand on and would probably have to pay for call outs for the one window with a supposed new lock to be fixed, so we can open the window. In addition, when winter comes, we will still have the heat escaping issue and more costs for keeping the boiler going. If anyone has any recommendations or successes with Safestyle, please do share your stories.

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  • Mr
      Oct 24, 2016

    I received a quote from them in 2015. My advice, Don't even ask for that.

    Since the quote I have had 13 nuisance calls. Everytime they call me they say my number will be removed. To make things better, they delete outstanding quotes after 6 months. When you complain about them on company reviews they claim to have no details and you don't save quotes you don't follow through with do you. They will hound you non stop from private numbers so you can't even trace it back


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  • S1
      Dec 14, 2016

    We had a quote with them, or we tried to at least. The man came round, early, for the appointment, let himself in to our house and started trying to walk through to the lounge uninvited. I told him I just wanted a quick quote, to which he responded: 'No'. He claimed we would need to sit down for a few hours and talk about Safestyle, the history of Safestyle, their warranties, there products etc, when all I wanted was a quick quote.

    He refused to give me a quote without sitting down for hours and got very very rude and aggressive. He eventually walked out onto the driveway and started shouting in the street. I said your'e welcome to give me a quote, but I haven't got time to sit down for hours. At this point, I was just getting quotes from various companies, and I just wanted a rough idea of the price. The man was very unpleasant, rude, and negative towards me because I just wanted a quick quote.

    The next day, a bloke shows up at the door trying to sign us up for another quote. We also recieved 2 further calls from them trying to get us to have a quote, and when I told them no each time, they would just hang up without even so much as a goodbye. Shocking service from a cowboy company. After reading some of the reviews about them online, it looks like I had a lucky escape.

    I tried to post my review to another review website online, but they had it removed because I couldn't prove that they were here, but of course I couldn't, they never actually gave me any paperwork or a quote... AVOID

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  • Da
      Dec 17, 2016

    Without doubt the biggest bunch of unprincipled cowboys I've dealt with. Failed to show up 3imes, half completed the job and sending threatening letters saying I've signed a contract. They do not see the irony!! I have not paid them and have told them I'm prepared to go to court to display there dreadful non existent customer service and shabby workmanship.

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  • Mi
      Apr 27, 2017

    Like many of you, I would not recommend Safestyle to my worst enemy - my first encounter with them was when I ordered new upstairs windows. Their surveyor advised that I needed lintels, which required scaffolding at a cost of £680. When the installers began work, their man asked me, "what's all this scaffolding for?" When I told him, he said that there were already lintels in place, scaffolding wasn't necessary. They refused to refund the £680, but I managed to get a free window (which I didn't really need).
    My second disastrous episode was this month, I ordered a new front door - I should have known better, bu to be fair, their products are actually quite good. The surveyor assured me that all electrical wiring - telephone, doorbell etc would be unaffected. The door is very nice, except that they did not reconnect the door bell, leaving two bare live wires protruding from the outside of the door frame (so much for "safe"style!) I foolishly thought that it would be easily rectified but their customer service is abysmal. The phone is permanently engaged, if emails are answered, they are written by either a child or a person with limited knowledge of english. Today they have denied liability for the problem. They think I will give up... Watch this space, look out cowboys

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  • Jt
      May 06, 2017

    I am in a situation myself where i received appalling customer service including not being given my cancellation rights and given false timescales and a surveyor who was completely inconpetent to the point we werent happy with what he was saying and requested a full technical report which was agreed and promised but never materialized.

    During this we were hassled daily with calls and texts so much so that i can became incredibly stressful having to hold them off.

    Eventually we relented and agreed a date of installation but the following day i was made redundant at work and followed up an important email to begin discussions about my cancellation as i was still in time to cancel and more importantly my family are my priority and not an excessive purchase such as this especially at a time where money could be hard to come by.

    I sent over an email which was promptly ignored so i decided to call a few days later and was told i would recieve a call twice and it never happened.

    Eventually i grew tired and decided to cancel only to be met with a barrage of what i would consider aggresive calls more interested in goading me into an argument and apportioning blame (on me) and saying if you dont accept the work we are charging you regardless so either pay up or face legal proceedings (considering the work had not even been started or will ever be)

    Eventually i grew tired of the threats and tried again with a different manager who tried to call the legitimacy of my redundancy into play and tried to pick holes in my case but he failed. I sent this manager a copy of my letter and also the email i sent to open negotiations to cancel but he hasnt replied since sending me an email that he received it.

    I was told in no uncertain circumstance they would turn up and expect to start work and if not they would pursue legal action.

    I had to disappoint not one but two fitters when they arrived as i had clearly told them not to come and then i had to deal with his manager for failure to accept work.

    Side note the fitter actually agreed with me and said i am doing the right thing by standing my ground as he would do the same.

    This new manager tried all the usual to scare me into accepting the work but i refused and he asked me to send my correspondance to him personally, 4-5 calls have been made now by this manager accepting my email but trying to pull holes in it saying my "job number" wasnt on the email however i had my details and name and telephone number plus they had all my details at time so why suddenly forget them now? This was his argument and safestyle are so busy chasing 5 million of work a week they cant respond to every email they receive.

    He has called offering 15-20% off the order or pay them 60% cash and fit it myself otherwise face legal action they even tried to ask my mum who mistakenly answered my phone to accept terms. They are effectively admitting fault by acknowledging my email but still wont cancel the work.

    These people are cowboys and bullies and need to be stopped. I have even tried emailing their CEO and contacted my local MP and madd a complaint with the finance company as something needs to be done.

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  • Mi
      May 08, 2017

    After reading all your complaints it seems to me in many cases the fitters do a reasonable job only for the reputation of Safestyle to be let down and ruined by a group of faceless pen pushing jobsworths in their little offices.

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  • Ro
      Jul 07, 2017

    Safestyle UK is one of the worst companies in the Uk in my opinion.Right from the start the staff was extremely rude and their installation was very poor for a company this big.The patio door frame wasn't straight and scratched which they tried to hide with Sellotape.The glass was also scratched in many places.The window which they installed at the front of our house cant even shut properly and has made cracks in the wall above.I gotten in contact with safestyle for them to come and fix these issues but all they keep doing is changing the dates.I do not reccomend this company

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  • Gb
      Oct 03, 2017

    safestyle uk fitter came to fit my windows the fitter came & asked me to come & look at the two big windows the two big ones had defects damage all over them chips on edges the window opener was not square the bead that holds window in ad gaps about a foot from the end their was a weld going down top to bottom they had pulled two scrap windows out the scrap pile that were just too short so welded a foot on the end he took them back I tried to cancel he said I could but will have to pay 80% I have been to see lawyer am waiting for phone call

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  • Is
      Dec 11, 2017

    Everything that has been posted is underestimating how bad they really are.They are the worst firm in any field I have ever come across.I had a conservatory from them, the salesman (Billy liar) told us it would be finished in a day. They started on July 5th and finished on December 7th, the work was ordinary at best, customer service non existent.So finally if anybody uses these people they deserve everything they get. Signed a very very very dissatisfied customer.

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  • Me
      Feb 05, 2018

    I would never recommend this company to anyone I had so many random calls and I said no everyone .but one time they came door to door and my husband said can you give me a quote for a back door and a cheap door for my outside toilet but he couldn't say at time so my hubby said come back when my wife come home and when he came back i ended up getting in to a contract for 9 windows and 4 doors ok I felt more less bullied in to it by the rep when I had them installed they where really good but the window's and doors are crap in the winter and I can hear everything outside my house and it's more colder now then my crappy old ones and that's with a log burner on full blast and nos I'm in dept for the next 10 yrs yippee only £17000 . All I'm saying the advert is miss leading especially the the one with the two old biddies sitting in the cosy warm and snowing outside what aload of [censor] sorry not happy at all

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  • Jj
      Mar 29, 2018

    9 months after Safestyle fitted a patio door we noticed a split in the bottom left hand corner, inside and outside. Called sevice centre start of January, end of Jan engineer visited to assess damage and agreed repair was in order under the guarantee. 6 weeks later fitters due to start work did not show up. On that day Service centre called to advise job postponed and would call back with new job date but they never called again with new date. We have tried phoning several times a day since but get put on prerecorded message to hold continuously but never get through. Also emailed twice but no responce. Very frustrating and extremely poor customer service. We recomment people NOT to use this company.

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