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I had an appointment 8a-12p no show by 12 so I called. they said they would call tech and get back with me. Got no call and 2hrs. and 30 min later he showed up. Also he did not have any change when i gave him cash, at this time he told me I should tip him for what the change would be. I told him he was 2 1/2 hours late and his tip was to be on time! so i went and got change and left him outside in the heat for 30 min. If you are going to be late, call!! other people have things they have to do, like being at work on time.

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  • Ja
      Jul 12, 2010

    When you call gieco insurance your talking to safelite possing as your ins agent then they do everything to make you us there glass shop, safelite! choose anybody other than safelite auto glass, preferably american owned and always request oem auto glass as replacement parts.Safelite sells the cheapest glass from china xyz sgc very distorted and often does not fit properly. then when customers complain they blame the installation and send a better brand.they force there installers to do jobs knowing it will have to be redone and dont replace everything they should to save money often creating problems like wipers that dont work or bmw windows that fog up because they dont replace the moisture have the right to use any shop you want call the shop of your choosing and often they can file your claim.

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  • Sa
      Sep 01, 2010

    This issue seems to match another posted on a similar site. If you still need assistance, please e-mail [protected]



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  • Ja
      Dec 16, 2010

    Had safe lite come replace the windshield in my jeep cherokee. Unfortunately for me it did not rain for 3 months after the repair, when it did rain my driver floor was flooded. Called in assured it was covered under warranty was given window 8-12. Tech came out and attempted to flood the windshield seem with caulk to seal leak. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! Tech decided that he has no clue as to why the windshield is leaking where it is so he is just going to replace the glass. Tech comes installs the new windshield all seems great aside from the tear that is in the headliner now. 3 weeks later rains again and now it is flooding the passenger floorboard. I contacted got another window of 8-12. Waited till noon and called cust. support. Yes sir, we show you scheduled for the hours of 8-12 the tech will be there. 1700 no tech, I called the following afternoon, oh sorry the tech was supposed to call and inform you that he would not make it till Friday. Our bad he will be there 8-12 on Friday. Gee thanks I will not be home how about another day. Better yet give me a refund, come get your glass that way you don't think I am just going to keep it and let my car leak and I will find another company!!

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