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Thulamahashe, South Africa

I Goodman Octavy Shingwanyama my tv licence no ([protected])

I have registered my tv licence 2016. And now i have received an sms from VVM that i must pay R345.00 as soon as possible.

My question is..why you did not called me or sms me as they did smsed to me that i must pay tv lic as a reminder.?

And more thing you should know, Is that, i knew before i regiater a tv lic that i will pay. But you decided to hand over my accound without contacting or reminding me to pay. Why you doing as if i have stolen something from you? Please try to improve the way you doing things. Because first of all, you guys know that there are more people around the world who got Tv'swithout tv licence and indians and Chinese who are selling tv without registering for tv licence. What about them?

But you today you do things as if you know what you doing meanwhile you don't.

I will only pay R265.00 since i haven't got your reminder. And I'm paying my DSTV account every month.

For more info don't hesitate to contact me @[protected]


Oct 13, 2017

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