SABC / TV Licences / cancellation of tv license

Cape Town, South Africa

I have been trying to cancel my tv license [protected], a year after I bought the tv set, I have sent through affidavits again in 2008, 2009 and 2016. I was referred to complete the sabc affidavit although this affidavit has only been in existing about 2-3 years ago. Spoke to a consultant and a supervisor who both kept me on hold for about almost 30 mins combined and could still not resolve the call. Now more information is required which would have been appreciated if it was sent via email as my request for cancelation was done via email. My address was completed on the affidavits and this was ignored.
I do admit that I received sms's however all sms's received was to advise that I must pay my instalment and nowhere was there confirmation that I need to give further information. I would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Jan 16, 2017

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