SAA / disgusting attitude

johannesburg, South Africa

SAA flying from Joburg to Africa is a complete joke. Firstly they have 4 check in assistants to take bags for the entire African region so naturally the ques will take an hour long to drop your bags off. My ticket stated that I could take 2 x 30kg pieces of baggage and the lady at the check in counter, her name is Gadifele Mthetwa, she said that the ticket was wrong and the limit per bag was 23kgs. My bag was 25kgs and she then refused to check my bag in and she threw my ticket back at me and said that I had to go and pay for another bag before she would check the bag in. Not pay for the 2kgs over (which they were not even over) but pay for another bag. I asked to see the manager and some support assistant came, his name is Orateng Bokaba, and he refused to get a manger as he said there was no manager. Both of them were very rude and the whole time were speaking to their mates over me while I was talking. I will never fly SAA again they are pigs

Dec 26, 2014

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