SAA / no response to my emails, no response to my phone calls

We had Voyager miles that needed to be redeemed by 31st March 2009. We couldn't get onto their site as we had a PIN problem Spent 2 days trying to get through to them and the call was eventually routed to SAA London. The lady sent us an email on how to reset the pin and book our miles. By the time we read the mail that evening Voyager was closed and low and behold the mail did not hold the info it was meant to. The next day was the 1st April and our 370 000 miles had expired.

Now the fun and games begin. I phoned and left messages and nobody returns your calls. Eventually I spoke to an agent who said they could help. Then I explain the whole story, and they never call you back. When I tried to call them, I'm told they are not on that shift. This happened 3 times. Then I asked for a supervisor. They are always in meetings. Eventually Lungi comes to the rescue. I needed to go to Telkom to prove that I had called Voyager on the dates I said. Eventually 3 months down the line I am told we are getting our awards issued to us.

GUESS WHAT!! I am still waiting. No response to my emails, no response to my phone calls.

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