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As consumers we pay millions to have our parcels mailed off safely, But 'WHY' I ask you?? And to top it all off the tracking system has been non functional for over a week now? Yes SAPO you have just done it yet again, our post gets delivered later as usual, one cant track parcels, parcels go missing, parcels weights get over charged and you people just protect your dishonest employee's.

Great South Africa we live in, not to mention how international people must feel when they come here. To buy something from our country have it mailed back to their country just to get back to find that the parcel never arrived, or it was stolen or broken. Your services have just gotten worse and still nothing has changed.

You spend millions revamping your offices but the service stays the same. You people disgust me as to regards to resolution for issues and you will always protect your dishonest employee's at all cost as they are the ones that carry your company for you. But as for the consumer we must just live with the service and not complain as it doesn't get us anywhere. I'm so sick of your lies, dishonesty, and you need to sort yourselves out.

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      Sep 07, 2010
    SA Post Office - What a load of nonsense
    SA Post Office
    United States

    Still no parcels. After numerous attempts to find. Bad excuse to say it is because of a strike. Maybe it is because no one cares. I can promise you that staff received all there post and parcels. You are not bringing your side post office. NOW NOT EVEN THE WEBSITE TRACK & TRACE does not work. What a load of nonsense.I cant even complain about what they say on client care line as no one answers the phone. Parcel missing since 07-09-2009 and the ridiculous thing is that the strike was over when this parcel was sent.

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