Ryan Homes / grading and improper laying of the sod

We purchased a new home in Garrison Manor, Mechanicsville, VA. Moved in September 15, 2017. When we first looked at the lot it was a completely flat lot. Due to medical issues we requested this lot because of the flatness. Our backyard has a 4 feet drop in it now from the deck to the fence. Two days prior to moving in, I rode by the property in the morning and the yard had not been graded, but by noon the sod was going in. The yard was not finely graded because my husband rode by late morning. The sod was laid with a 2 inch gap between each piece. We have rolling hills. My husband has MS and cannot even walk in his own yard. The project manager, was informed many, many, many times. The last we spoke with him was 4 weeks ago, he said he would have the landscaper and sod company come out to have a meeting with us. To this day, no phone calls, no contact of any nature. Two new homes have been built directly beside us and their yards are terrible, as well. We have many neighbors who have made complaints, but to no avail. I have fallen 3 times myself and I do not have walking issues. We have 2 dogs that I need to clean up after and struggle. We were told by the project manager that we need to wait until the fall to plug holes in the ground and seed over, at our expense because it would be 1 year. What we need is the sod removed, graded, new sod put down properly!!.

Jul 27, 2018

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