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Runescape 2 By Jagex / Runescape Update(s)

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To whom it may concern,

I've been a regular customer of jagex for awhile, I've been a member for 2-4 months at least. I left runescape for a little while, and when I came back alot has changed. Part of this update was that players can no longer drop trade.. I personally Thank You for that, because lvl 3 merchants who only plays the game for the sole purpose of becoming the "richest" player, since I thought it was a role-play lifestyle choice, is not anymore. I found out that after long hours spent training my mining, woodcutting, fletching, fishing skills to gain money, I cant even make a profit anymore because of the so called "trade amount limit"- I'm very disappointed. I was happy becoming a member now and then, so i can find customers to sell my hard earned items, but now.. I cant even do that.

what happened to choice? arent players free to be warriors? to be wizards? to be miners? woodcutters? fishers? - now we have no choice but to fight and gain quest points just so that we can trade higher amounts of items and make money.

Again, good job on the "drop trade" update.. but you seriously killed off my lvl 3 merchant. Its freakin useless. I used to mine runite ore in the wild at lvl 3 so i can sell them for 10k each, I cant even do that without proper quest points.

So to whoever thought at this "trade limit" idea was a good one.. You're an idiot. plain and simple. I love runescape, but that one particular update is a pain in the ###.




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  26th of Aug, 2009
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i been a Runescape person for a little while now for some reason or another my guy cant talk his name is jocool361 i dont think he was reported or anything do you know a reason why he cant talk please help! jocool361
  21st of Jan, 2010
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