Rugs USA / Won't refund money

NY, United States

I ordered 2 rugs from Rugs USA between 9/14/09. I was sent 2 rugs, only one rug was what I ordered it wasn't even the correct item number. I called Rugs USA and informed them of their mistake, originally I had ordered 108TC57-609, they sent me 108TC67-609. I contacted them on 9/18-9/19. They told me they would send UPS labels, pick the rug up and send me the right rug. I contacted them again the following week because they still had not sent had the rug picked up. UPS picked up the rug on or before the 10th of October. I waited approximately 6 weeks, I had to call them twice for status, to receive what was supposed to be the correct rug. The delivered the replacement rug on the 11/19 or 11/20. I looked at the label and it was the same rug I had returned. I called Rugs USA on the same date I received the rug and asked for a refund on the rug. They said they would refund my money and have UPS pick up the rug. I waited approximately 1 week and UPS still hadn't picked up the rug nor did I get a refund - Rugs USA told me on the phone that the refund would take 5-10 days to post. I called back to check 11/23-11/24 because the rug had not been picked up and there was no refund to my Paypal account. The man I spoke with said I had to wait 10 days to see the refund. On 11/27 or 11/30 I called again because I had still not seen the refund and the rug still hadn’t been picked up. They assured me they would take care of it. I had to leave the country on the 12/4 and just returned. I just checked my Paypal account and STILL they have not refunded my money. The rug STILL has not been picked up. Rugs USA purposefully sent me a product I did not want and are trying to force me to purchase an item I did not order by not refunded my money and not picking up the rug.


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