Ruby Tuesdayillegal business practices on behalf of deborah wisniewski

Hello my name is Logan Davidson a former employee of Ruby Tuesday who chose to quit due to poor treatment by my manager Deborah. There have been numerous incidences in which us employees had already clocked out but were still forced to work off of the clock. In my own personal experience around a week ago I had told Deborah that I had finished up and clocked out. However, Deborah came to check everything and found an area I had missed (my mistake). From this point Deborah was very rude to me and I told her I had a problem with the implications behind her words and her disrespectful attitude. She asked me what the implications were? so I told her " That if I do not comply with your every demand, that I will be terminated, ". Unfortunately however still is that forcing employees to work off of the clock is not in compliance with FLSA (Fair Labor Standards act). Threatening my employment while breaking the law will not be tolerated. Furthermore, while working there I had in issue with closing a check on the wrong card, I asked for Deborah's assistance with the issue and she told me my options were either to pay the difference for the table (and walk out of the restaurant with less than what I walked in with, or to take my first write up.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Eden, NCMind you this was the same day I lowered my grandmother into the ground as her pallbearer and even though I could have taken advantage of the bereavement period I was entitled to it still said on the schedule that I was scheduled to work so I came in an hour after placing her in the ground, having to push off crying family members to make it to my car and get to work. Once I got there I was informed that I didn't have to be there but felt pressured to work anyway and was even goaded into picking up extra shifts the following day. But even with her being fully aware that I wasn't mentally ready to bring my A-game to the workplace she still has the audacity to punish me when I could have chosen to leave. Furthermore still Deborah claimed 57 dollars more on my tip report than I made to fix a computer issue but since my employment is over they owe me more money on my last check because taxes took out more than what I owed. The act of claiming more money on an employee's tips in and of itself is also not in compliance with the FLSA. I would also like to mention that Deborah lost somewhere close to 10 employees in the last month including myself. The restaurant will fail with her poor managerial experience and inability to connect with her staff members.

May 11, 2017

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