Ruby Tuesdayfood safety and quality

C Oct 16, 2018

Hello I visited your Limestone Rd location and it was the worst dry dark and most dreadful environment I went with my family to celebrate my twins birthday there burger were very burnt and the most alarming thing was the salad bar I purchase the deal buy the salad bar and get and entree for 3 bucks as I was making my salad I noticed something from the top fail in to my plate so I bent down and looked up to see the top of the salad bar was filled with condensation and drops were continually dropping into the food I brought it to the waitress attention and she acknowledged I told her that I did not want the salad bar any longer and that it wasn't safe to eat it was contaminated she got the manager and she said it's always like that and refunded my money I think the salad bar is unfit for service and needs repairs I think the board of health would agree I have pictures and can provide via email the pictures would not upload on this site

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