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My name is Jackie from Tarboro, NC and this was my favorite restaurant. I eat here twice a week but today 3-5-17 was a very negative eexperience. The hostess sat my daughter and I on a crowded side and asked why we couldn't sit on the opposite side where no one was and she stated because there was no server over there so I said well you can't get one to serve us and in a rude tone she replied, well you can sit over there then. Bad enough we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated and there was plenty of available seats. Once seated we got no biscuits, silverware nor napkins. When asked for the manager, no one came. I will not go back

Mar 05, 2017
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  • Co
      Mar 05, 2017

    Servers are assigned a certain number of tables. The hostess's job is to evenly assign tables as not to overwhelm the server. if there was an empty section it was because there were not enough servers to cover that section. it could be because of bad scheduling or it could be several employees calling out sick. Whatever the reason sitting in an unassigned table will only get bad service or no service.

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  • Ma
      Mar 25, 2017

    Oh my God! They tried to sit you around other people in a public place?!?!?! The injustice!

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  • Sh
      Mar 31, 2017

    I completely understand your anger. I hate getting bad service. It's unacceptable! BUT...There is a method to seating people in any restaurant. Some much more "lax" than others. Meaning that SURE!! no big deal to sit in a closed section! This server is on a double, already cleaned up, reset tables and socked and ready for the next shift anyways, ( or if the place is a smaller establishment, which makes it easy to get to another section )- BUT SOME PLACES- work very much on a rotation between the servers that are "on" and in OPEN, CLEAN, PREPARED SECTIONS.
    When you are in a specific section, you get a certain amount of tables, they are usually all together and it's your little area. it's sometimes difficult to get to that table that is not there in your "area" -
    ever heard the saying ??? Its nothing personal, as guests, we don't want to get bad service-but honestly anyone that works in a restaurant DOESN'T WANT TO GIVE IT EITHER- (that is why they seat you by all of the other people and probably why you had no silverware. Not that it makes it ok.) That section was most likely getting all cleaned up and restocked for the next shift. I'M NOT MAKING EXCUSES - I'M DEFINITELY NOT SAYING YOUR EXPERIENCE WAS OK - all customer service workers need to do what us right or wanted by the paying CUSTOMERS, just trying to bring a bit of insight.

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