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Tr Charlestown, RI Review updated:

Repost - since the other complaint has multiple pages. Original can be found here:

Learn more about this unethical operation by reading below and visiting the other complaint link.
This puppy mill needs ot be shut down!!!

Though the opinions and input of everyone are appreciated, emotions run high when it comes to the rights of animals, especially those that are kept in the manner that holly anderson is keeping them. It appears that holly is now making fake screen names and posting things that will stir an angry response from people and then going back in to delete the post. I believe she is doing this to make the board look like a group of raving maniacs and diminish the value information posted by previous employees and buyers, and deter readers away from the facts that were verified by the state of rhode island officials. It’s appears to be yet another view into the corrupt mind of a very disturbed individual. We need to stick to the facts at hand for people visiting this forum and post our new findings here too.

For anyone visiting for the first time, take the time to read through past posts and draw your own conclusions.
The information below is verified about royal flush havanese is summed as follows.

+ royal flush havanese is owned by holly anderson mastroianni.
It is a corporation and commercial kennel that is operated at 95 old coach rd, charlestown, ri 02813.

+ she applied for a commercial kennel license with the town of charlestown, even though she didn’t fulfill the basic requirements for one, including but not limited to a substantially insufficient amount of land that is normally required:

+ 1/25/2006 she took out a loan through her royal flush corporation as a testing laboratory with citizens bank:

+ it was verified through the state of rhode island department of environmental management animal unit and other animal rights inspectors, that she owns in excess of 50 dogs which she raises in stainless steel enclosures/crates in a small room in her home. It is under these circumstances that she distorts the horrible reality of their lives by saying “home raised” and “no kennels”. Holly does not allow visitors to see all of her dogs. She meets buyers in a concrete room to hide the reality of what is really going on in other parts of her home. You can contact dem 401.222.2718 and rispca 401.438.8150 to confirm.
Excerpt from an email from an official: “i responded there a little over a week ago and was accompanied by the state animal health inspector”, “we observed approximately 50 dogs in stainless steel enclosures”, “ the dogs were clean and all appeared healthy. The facility was clean and sanitary. According to the state, she was no in violation of any licensing/breeding regulations“

+ holly has debarked all of these dogs. Once can assume it is so that they are not a nuisance to her or her neighbors. It would be why buyers cannot hear the dozens upon dozens of dogs that she is housing in the other area of her home when they visit her. She has vet photos shown on her site. Try contacting them for information.

+ she was not shut down because the groups hands are tied. It is the best of a worst situation for them. When asked about these mill-like set ups we were told by these groups that the current laws are “too antiquated” to deal with this type of situation but we are all working for change.

+ these dogs spend their lives in steel cages or in a small outdoor concrete pen area that you can see for yourself through google or bing imaging of her address. Click the link below to see the back of her home and this pen area.

+ when she has bred them until they can no longer produce, she dumps them on craigslist “community”. Craigslist is also an outlet where she posts help wanted ads to get people to socialize for or care for them. She has admitted to this in her previous posts here too. She allows strangers to walk through her home and around her dogs but won’t allow visitors there for “fear of contamination” or infection.

+ as of today there are 10 dogs for sale on her puppies page. This is a pattern thanks to the dozens of dogs.

+ holly has spent many years dabbling with various breeds of dogs and cats for profits sake only. To date, we have uncovered web pages for presa canarios, cheetoh cats, savannah cats, havanese, and bichons. Past buyers have mentioned other breeds and we are working to verify this information. You may have purchased an animal from her and we would like to hear from you. Please post your comments here and let us know what you type of animal you purchased and when you purchased.

+ she has threatened other websites with a history of complaints from owners and workers to remove comments or face legal action. We are still here and we are not going away until we get justice for those dogs.

+ she still has a lot of previous buyers fooled and is fooling new people every week. It is our mission to get the truth out to stop what she is doing and bring to light the reality of what is behind her very closed doors.

+ ms. Anderson has even gone as far to recently claim that she has rescued a purebred dog of substantial value. She is confirmed to be in excess of 50 dogs already, she is rescuing other breeds? What person that has the compassion to rescue a dog from one breed would be comfortable vocally mutilating and caging other dogs of a different breed? And taking out testing laboratory loans too? This is particularly insulting to those of us who donate our time, money and efforts to true rescue cases much in part due people like her. And since there no citations issues at these inspections, where does it go from here? Although her attempts to donate to human causes are touted all over her website since march, 2011 there is not one single donation made to the very source of her income. Considering all factors we believe these efforts (Being followed through or not) are new endeavors that are disgusting attempts to polish her tarnished image.

Below is a link to a website that records the history of all websites, even deleted ones:
Visit that site and type in one or all of the links below to see the history of royal flush. Be sure put the web address below after the “http://” part, i. E. and then hit search. One you enter in an address the history of the site that was recorded will show up in a calendar format, year by year. Dates that are circled in blue are dates that were recorded and can be viewed. We have printed and preserved copies of these sites to make our case to legislators. If you need copies too you can post your request here.
Presa canarios: rocco (Mentioned by previous poster) is shown on these pages as a dog she was breeding.

Exotic animals/cats:
There are two email addresses here. An email for cheetoh cats and one for savannah cats?
Cubs: she is getting out of breeding program and dumping these poor cats. This is from 2008.
One of the current breeds she is still working with. These would make up part of the 50 dogs on site now.
The bulk of the 50 dogs that were present and on site during state inspections.

And our favorite – a page on her site with the word “complaints” to try to steer people from the truth:

She has several other websites in her history and we contacted the current phone numbers on those sites and asked for holly. Apparently she was breeding retrievers and spaniels up until 9 years ago. Both responded by saying that they purchased the business from her but had no affiliation with her and did not elaborate any further.

We have received several emails from people that claim to have purchased three other breeds from her. We have to confirm but we are working on it. Consider this another victory for the rights of animals that are owned by unscrupulous people. This is a self-proclaimed “expert” for havanese. She has not been breeding havanese for 30 years. She has spent the last eleven years (Confirmed) breeding bichons, havanese, retreivers, spaniels, cheetoh cats, savannah cats, presa canarios and a three others that we are continuing to research. 30 years experience as a havanese expert? 30 years in dog years? She seems to be a confirmed expert in twisting the truth.

Holly is now claiming that she has “rescued” a very rare and expensive vizsla dog. Though this is a stretch, the question is why would you “rescue” vizslas when you’re a havanese “expert” and have 50 debarked havanese and bichons locked in cages in your home? Really think about how little sense this makes. The 50+ debarked dogs that are locked in cages in her home are a fact that was confirmed by state investigators. It is very clear that she is trying to once again steer people from the facts at hand and polish her image online as someone that cares about dogs. It’s funny that she loves the havanese so much that she doesn’t offer breed rescue. Perhaps if you have a rescue case you should contact her. It’s crystal clear that this is a bogus attempt to look like a compassionate animal lover and it is a slap in the face to the people who really care about and donate love, time and money to animals in need.

Please write your lawmakers and push the state of rhode island for changes to their current animal legislation. We have a list of lawmakers that we are currently working with the implement change but all of their email addresses are listed at the links below:

The bills for this year have already been submitted but we intend to continue efforts through 2013 to see that appropriate bills are introduced and new laws are passed that will shut the doors of her operations and others like her. If the town of charlestown is going to play fast and loose with “unlimited” dog ownership, then the state of rhode island needs to step in and stop them. There is absolutely no excise for housing over 50 debarked dogs for the purpose of breeding, except greed. For every day that passes, dogs are trapped at her home and other places just like it living a life confined and not loved. They are a commodity with a monetary value. Please do your part too and help save dogs trapped in mill settings like this.

Holly, we are not “competitors” and this has never been a personal attack as you claimed with faked vehemence in your posts that respond to these accusations here and in your yahoo and google business profiles. You can continue your efforts to polish your image but you’re putting a bow on a turd. This has never been about you and always been about the animals, the way you treat them and the lies you’ve been telling to present as someone who cares and operates in an ethical fashion. The truth is going to get out and we will fight until our dying breath to get you and organizations like you shut down. You’ve responded to select comments here and ignore the questions and comments that speak the truth and matter most. You encouraged people to call and verify findings and we did. You may not have gotten a citation but that is because the laws were not written to deal with a situation like this, yet. No matter how you justify this to yourself or try to justify it to others it doesn’t wash. You own over 50 debarked dogs that you keep in steel cages. Not kennels, right? A kennel is an outdoor enclosure. You just keep them indoors in steel cages and let them defecate in a kennel with a concrete slab. We have verified this with the state of rhode island officials as you desperately encouraged us to do. You know that everything posted here is the truth. You're a sick, degenerate liar. A full investigation of your property would reveal dozens of dead dogs buried by you, most due to your neglect! You can twist the truth every day but one day you will be accountable to the law and more importantly, your maker. If you think that there will not be judgment for what you’re doing and the lies you’re telling, you’re kidding yourself.

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  • Sh
      Jun 07, 2016

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this. She also has a location in Fort Myers, Florida which I was about to go to to look at one of her females that she was no longer breeding. I am beyond words. This is a puppy mill dressed up in pretty package. Funny how Petland located nearby has these puppies. I feel terrible for the dogs in this situation and I want to rescue them. I wanted to bring my dog to meet this dog, but she would not allow it. I have purchased a dog from a breeder before and they have alway shown the dame, sire and encourage you to bring the entire family. I have also rescued dogs and they want to do home visits. I am sad that I finally found one of these guys and it is this situation! Grrrrr! I am glad you posted this. I just don't know what to do.

    +1 Votes
  • Na
      Jan 19, 2017

    @Sharron Exarhos We had a bad experience with this woman. Thank God after insisting on a personal visit to her "home" we were horrified to see what and how she represented these poor animals. Run we did and cancelled any idea of buying from her. PM me on fb and I will tell you exactly what happened.

    0 Votes
  • Ri
      Jan 25, 2017

    @nanegge I would love to speak to you regarding Royal Flush...I tried to bring you up on FB but was unable to do so.
    Could you contact me?

    +1 Votes
  • Ma
      Mar 12, 2017

    I have two of Royal Flush dogs. One puppy and retired mom. My vet was impressed with their records and our dogs. Yes the girl who worked there would not allow me into the room where the adults were but she did show me live feeds. I am impressed. I have been working in a veterinarians office for years and he absolutely agrees that puppies born that small should not be around things and people that can make him sick. This entire feed sounds like a bunch of people who watch too many movies and have no idea how to care for newborn puppies. I am sure if you just asked they would assist and show you as they had me. They also post videos and pics on fb and have an entire page on their website showing you exactly how their dogs live so I am not really sure how anyone could say they did not know.

    -1 Votes
  • Fl
      Jun 22, 2017

    @mandyb85 If you call over 60 dogs locked in a building as responsible then I definetly don't want to take my pet to your vet clinic.

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