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[Resolved] Royal Flush Family Companions / not what they seem

1 Charlestown, RI, United States Review updated:

1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

Before she tries to threaten to get a lawyer, scream, yell and throw another temper tantrum like she did in her email response, she needs to learn the definition of the words she throws around. slander is something untrue holly. everything here is true and you are going to continue to be exposed for the contemptible person you are.

A - good - breeder would not yell and scream at someone and call them a lunatic. they would be concerned about their animals and try to help. a - good - breeder would not offer "every penny" to take a dog back. they would know that the person who has the dog is worried and cares about the dog. it isn't about the money! it is about the fact that you defrauded the person who bought the dog and made it appear that the dog has been to a vet, was well and was house trained. none of which were true since you either admitted it after the sale or have no proof! a - good - breeder would want to work with that person to resolve an issue, not dismiss them and start a fight! you want a war lady? you got one! if the dogs that have been adopted are any indication of what is going on behind closed doors then there's — no way — a decent person could ignore this and walk away! this is not one or two "lunatics" as you so politely put it. we are a legion of people that have found a way to communicate and you are going to answer to this and the years of abuse you have heaped on these animals!

On to the real holly - whatever the heck her name is now:

Her name has changed because she's been married 6 times (that I could find). I ordered reports through several sites, including one from the company below which lists some of her previous names through marriage. I also verified with the courts in providence, rhode island:
Nice webpage about yoursel[censored]... meet holly!!!... the real holly!!!... family #1???... which freaking one???

I did an address search and found more info on her in addition to the names of other possible ex-husbands and residents here:
Http://, +ri:[protected]

She was born in rhode island and has been a lifelong resident of several cities and towns around rhode island. this was also verified.

Her corporation shows her as a dog breeder. this directly contradicts the information I was told by her town hall who said that her dogs are registered but that she signed an affidavit with the town that she does not breed. she did apply for the commercial kennel license with them in march, 2011. by the way, the presa canario story is true because the town acknowledged that she had an issue with them over removing those dogs from her property which could explain why rocceo was going to be dumped in south providence as the previous poster mentioned. not like the "back injury" she mentioned in her ad to get rid of him!

Petition for commercial kennel license

All of her breeding sites:


Very important!... please read this info carefully!
I also took the liberty of speaking directly with the dog officer, kathy. she said that if we have issues they need to be taken up directly and independently with her. please bring bill of sale, vet records to attest to illness and condition of dog, etc. she said that she was aware that holly had "a lot of dogs" on that property but that her hands are tied unless we all do this individually and directly with her. her number is in the post above.

We should also be contacting the other agencies listed there with our concerns - directly. this includes sending a copy of all of this to the charlestown, ri town hall zoning department, joseph warner: [protected]. they are the ones who are reviewing her petitions and know that she does not have the right to have a kennel on her property.

Taking out loans as a "testing labratory" through her corporation

And finally:
She uses dr davidson as her vet and has a photo of him on her website. our sources have informed us that he is the vet who debarks the dogs in his mobile vet van in her driveway. I tried to call his office to verify this but I was told the records were confidential. I think we may have to demand this information from him publicly. there is a photo of him on her website. he obviously knows her, her dogs and how many. we need to demand to know where his ethics are. though I suspect that his lie with his wallet too.

I am going to continue to delve into her background and see what else I come up with. there are a lot of records online and at the courthouse that I have found would attest to her character and business ethics but I will leave them for another time. you are welcome to go online or to the courthouse and search her yourself. they were shocking and indicative of someone that lacks a moral conscience.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Royal Flush Havanese Customer Care's Response, Apr 13, 2017

    Juan, you are a liar. You are very upset that I negotiated assigned parking in our lease and you do not have assigned parking for your gym. Take up your issue with the landlord. You have been rude to everyone at RFHF and you should be ashamed of your nasty, lying behavior. Everyone has been nothing but nice to you. You've created a fake identity and set out to hurt us but we do nothing wrong and everything right! What are YOU trying to hide in your black Jeep Liberty license plate BFBF38

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  • An
      20th of Jan, 2011
    -4 Votes

    I am Royal Flush Havanese. You're right, pups are too young to be screened. That's why all adults are, and when you come to Royal Flush you get to view those results. All dogs have perfect health screening results or they are not bred. They have been perfect for generations. I'm blessed.
    Yes, parents are AKC registered so there's the reference you thought was so important.
    You should be so lucky as to be chosen to take home a pup from Royal Flush Havanese. Health is guaranteed 5-6 years! Why do you think that is so? Because they are carefully bred to be consistantly healthy.
    If you worked for me you would know that every dog or puppy is immaculately groomed, everyone has much social interaction with people of all ages, everyone has playtime with people and with each other, everyone is up to date on all shots, everyone is registered and everything everywhere is sanitized every morning and cleaned constantly throughout the day... and our day ends at 10pm..
    I apologize to you who are bothered by terms like "parents", "grandparents" instead of "sire", "dam", "grandsire" and "granddam". People who get a puppy from me feel like they are taking home a new child, a new member of the family and that's exactly how they should feel. So those who talk to me do talk in terms like "baby", "parents". etc.
    FYI Michael Vic fought dogs. If I could prosecute you for the false information and defamation of character someone with a vendetta has posted, I would. If anyone reading this investigates the truth you will stop jumping in to say something bad because there's nothing but wonderful. See for yourself.
    I swore I would never get involved in these blogs, message boards or whatever you want to call them where obviously anyone can say anything and everyone jumps in to comment when they have no idea what the reality is. This is my last entry. So whatever negative things you want to continue to say, I will not be responding.
    Call me, come visit, read my website and see what everyone except perhaps someone who personally would like to see harm come to me has to say about me and Royal Flush. Look at the reality not these ridiculous comments! If you don't believe the dozens of testimonials on my website ask me for their contact info. They would all be happy to tell you that they are thrilled they were able to get such an adorable, healthy, well-socialized pup from Royal Flush Havanese and wouldn't go anywhere else for another!

  • Td
      6th of Feb, 2011
    -2 Votes

    I have 2 fabulously HEALTHY Havanese that we purchased from Royal Flush. 1 is now 3 the other is 2. They receive glowing check ups from their annual exams. I'm aware we purchased 'family dogs' not show quality. Although I must say our 3 yr old IS show quality according to my vet. Our experience with Royal Flush was great.

  • Ha
      11th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Anyone that has purchased a Havanese from Royal Flush is encouraged to join our forum:
    Although the last post gave rave reviews, we have a list of unhappy clients with ill-bred dogs.

  • An
      5th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I stumbled across this while researching breeders for our new addition. This woman has MULTIPLE complaints and some NERVE to say they're "not a kennel".

    She is not just a kennel. She is a commercial kennel, or at least trying:
    Apparently she petioned the town of charlestown, ri shortly after her rant here.
    Correct me if I am wrong but her name is Holly Mastroianni and her address is: 95 Old Coach Rd, Charlestown, Rhode Island

    I am so glad I found this and did my research before I purchased. Animal Rights Forever? Right!! These poor, poor animals!

  • Co
      5th of Jan, 2012
    +2 Votes

    This woman is always posting ads on craigslist looking for people to take care of her dogs. she obviously has a lot of dogs for her to be needing this kind of help. I know it is here bcause I sent an email when I saw the ad for dog caretaker in charlestown and she responded with her name account and I have a copy of the email. this lady is such a puppy mill.

    She keeps deleting it and reposting it in the jobs or etc section

    Dog caretaker/cleaner-part time (charlestown)

    Are you passionate about animals? do you love to clean! honest, dependable, independent, responsible person wanted to clean up after, play with and care for small dogs. must love to clean and love dogs! responsibilities consist of watering and feeding, washing floors, carrying bags of food occasionally, washing pen, sometimes shoveling pen, walking the dogs, washing dogs and playing with the dogs and puppies. hours 6:30am - 9:30am sunday and 8-9pm thursdays. additional hours possible. i'm looking for someone long term who takes pride in their work and can be at work on time everyday, no exceptions. experience with animals necessary. attention to detail important. charlestown area strongly preferred. texting a must. please email me with resume. thank you.

    • location: charlestown
    • compensation: $10hr
    • this is a part-time job.
    •principals only. recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
    •please, no phone calls about this job!
    •please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

  • Co
      5th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    i just looked at her web site and noticed that it says:

    "pups are raised by me and my family to be great family companions"
    she said "if you worked for me" in her response here and she is advertising for workers. so which is it?

    "To keep all pups healthy and to be sure that Moms do not undergo ANY stress I do not have visitors to Moms or pups until pups are 8 weeks old and have had their 1st shot."
    she won't allow visitors but will allow stangers from craigslist over to be with her dogs.

    "No kennels. Adults and pups always raised in my home to be great family friends."
    she wants someone to "water" her dogs, like livestock? wash pens and shovel pens and play with her dogs, etc. they are not in kennels but they are in pens that need to be washed and shoveled every day?

  • An
      11th of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Whoever copied and pasted this help wanted ad...
    1. The area where the dogs go out to do their business is called a pen ( not pens, not kennels) and it is shoveled when need be, disinfected daily and cleaned 4-5 times a day every time anyone goes out to do their business. This is a very positive event.
    2. I am smart enough to hire someone to clean and disinfect anywhere the puppies and dogs have been on a daily basis and keep pups and adults immaculate all day so that I can spend time with puppy buyers and socializing puppies and adults. One does not wear outside shoes in the house and one disinfects one's self before going near any dogs or pups always. I'm beyond anal about cleanliness. This is a very positive event.
    3. The dogs are fed and watered... somehow this statement bothers the writer of the "complaint". I'm not sure how else they would have liked this worded?? This is a very positive event.
    I personally like my help wanted ad. You have to be pretty wonderful to secure a position anywhere near my dogs or pups!

  • Br
      16th of Jan, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I have a 5 year old presa canario that came from royal flush family companions, that I took because I was told he was going to be dumped in the south side of providence for drug dealers to have!!! this poor dog is a raving mess and I have been working with him for 8 months now. I am also an american pitbull breeder and took him in because of being such a high risk breed, I knew he needed a good strong handler. this poor dog had the biggest kennel sores on his hocks that we have finally gotten down in size, yet they still affect his movement! he was chained out to a tree with an igloo house all year with no bedding and barked to much for them!! I chained him one day to give him a nice bath on a hot summer day and the poor dog freaked out and began trembeling and pee'd all over himself!!
    he is such a greatful boy but very insecure; who can blame the poor guy, he had major seperation anxiety and has made tremendous strides since being here where he is loved! I recently started trying to find apotees to place him with, as my intention was to save him and help rehabilitate his insecurites. low and behold her son contacted me; which is how I now know where he came from! the given information has made me feel so horrible for this guy that he will be staying here permanetly as I can not take the chance of him being treated so horrible again!
    he is filled with arthritis, limps on his back leg, and can not be left alone for longer than 3 hrs or he panics and destroys things, but how can you blame him? he went from this horrible woman holly anderson to being in a home with other dogs and a family that loves him! he enjoys his couch buddies, has 3 acres to run on, and will never be tossed out like trash such as royal flush did to him!
    as a breeder I can not for the life of me understand how anyone could do these terrible things to any living creature! she should be ashamed and when god judges her I truly hope he flashes all of these dogs lives in her face; especially poor rocceo boy!!! what a horrible horrible person!

    Holly I hope you read this and it makes you feel so very ashamed of yoursel[censored] you are a terrible person and what you did to rocceo, well I hope it haunts you for the rest of our terrible life!!!

  • Ga
      18th of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    It is abundantly obvious this woman is a cold-hearted, calculated, liar. She is a money hungry monster that will breed or do anything for a dollar. She tries so hard to present like a sane, caring person. She has a history of deceptive practices and has been deceiving the public for years. She's not fooling anyone but herself. Her comments in the post from January, 11th show an almost rehearsed response, prepared for the accusations because perhaps too many times she's had to "defend" herself from the truth. Your chores and responses wreak of a puppy mill like situation. How many home loved dogs need their ### shoveled by hired help (or anyone for that matter) several times a day? That is not a "positive event". You owe the animals you chose to adopt food and water. It's a not a "positive event" it's a basic necessity to sustain life. I could rebuke everything this woman has posted here but it's pointless. Any reasonable, sane person can see that her comments and justifications are irrational and do not add up. A simple search online shows what she's breeding for money and there appear to be plenty of them.
    The ad was deleted but you can look up any of her deleted history with Google. That link is the deleted ad from the Presa Canario - Posted by Holly Anderson, mention in the previous response.
    see yellow box - she has been taking out business loans for "Testing Laboratories"
    Family Companions By Royal Flush Inc
    95 Old Coach Road, Charlestown, RI 02813

    It is an abomination that this woman is allowed to own anything; let alone a living creature. What's further abhorrent is that this has been allowed to go under the radar while she deceives her buyers and continues a pattern of neglect and abuse on these defenseless animals. Where does this need to be officially reported and how has this been allowed to go on??

  • Ta
      30th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have been following this post for a while and I have to agree that the information here is certainly pertinent. I tried to remain objective since the world is full of resentment and hearsay. My personal opinion of the matter is that based on the research that I've done, it's all true. I called some of the numbers above and they were VERY familiar with the complaints against this woman and her operation. The complaints here and on other sites are ones that have been written by people who have purchased dogs from her and in this case, someone that worked for her. None of these complaints are of a competitive nature. On the contrary, they are heart-felt issues being broached by people that love animals and are very bothered about how hers are being treated and allegedly abused. Every link provided in this post are legitimate, from dog ads, to kennel licensing attempts, etc.. One not mentioned that was particularly damning was the fact that this woman has a business profile on Google with excellent reviews. These reviews completely contradict everything I've seen written about Royal Flush Havanse:

    On the very same day she posted here (Jan 11th) there are two comments from ghost clients only minutes apart from each other giving her five star reviews. Coincidence? To make matters more unbelievable one is claiming that she "checked into it" and these comments are posted by her competitor? The other claims their family has purchased six dogs from her? Does she realize how painfully transparent those "reviews" are? I would consider them about as valid as her 100 pages of "testimonials" that she floods her site with. How many testimonials does a really good breeder or businessman need? I'm beginning to think she may have serious mental problems which would explain how she can conduct herself like this and think she's getting away with it. Even the awkward "positive event" comments come off as being written by someone ill or possessed. I do hope that someone reports her to those agencies. I am going to pass this along to some groups that I know too. It will be a happy day for all involved when this issue is finally put to rest.

  • Lo
      30th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    She also pulled the same scam with ghost clients on her Yahoo business profile. Surprise! Reviews all done on the same day as her post here and Google Business Profile - Jan 11th. Surprise! All positive too!;_ylt=An__i3d6NWmro5gDsg1yuraKNcIF;_ylv=3?tab=reviews&allreviews=1#reviews

    She is the most disgusting scam artist. This is really unbelievable.

  • Lu
      10th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    People need to get a real job and stop making money of dogs who don't have a say in their lifestyle. Anyone who spends thousands of dollars on a dog need some serious help. Shots, grooming, papers are important but so isin't socilazation. How can anyone sleep at night knowing they keep a dog just to breed her and keep her ina cage. How do you know any of these dogs has even been socialized properly when you have so many? Royal Mill your a disgrace!!!

  • Co
      16th of Feb, 2012
    -2 Votes

    You people are absolutely ridiculous. If you don't like the way she does business, then take it elsewhere. She is not endangering lives, mistreating, or abusing any of the dogs, nor has she in the past. She has dogs of her own that she loves, why would she treat the pups that she breeds and cares for any different? And what's with the personal life crap?? who the [censored] cares if she's been married a few times or where she grew up...why the [censored] do you care so much? Get off your computer and go get a life or another puppy.

  • Ca
      16th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Copy and paste link below to Bing Maps of the back of Royal Flush Havanese's house at 95 old coach rd, charlestown, ri

    It is the two small pens that animal rights forever is posting about. It is the white fenced in area, one inside of the other, to the left of the pool. This is the tiny area that 40 dogs go out in at one time.

    here is the front of the house which we know is hers because she has the picture of it on her holly page:


  • Ca
      16th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Again, invest the time that you do with your bogus reviews into actually running an ethical operation and no one will have anything to complain about. stop trying to paint the perfect picture when a look behind the scenes shows the real truth and a house of horrors for those dogs. the fact that you refuse to straighten up your act and actually run a decent place and provide a decent life for those dogs is what's really sickening. but you know what? for every time you post a fake review there will be 100 of us posting real ones. we are going to the charlestown dog officer with our real dogs and real vet bills. we are going to the charlestown zoning board, dem and the aspca with the same thing too. you think the attack was personal? not even. the point is that the whole website is a bunch of #. from meet holly to the puppies for sale. the question begs an answer — how do you live with yourself?! why not try the truth for one day of your life??? how about it??? one day! all you do is motivate people to not be discouraged and see the truth through to the end. the terrified dogs may not be able to speak for themselves (especially since you cut their vocal cords) but their sad, terrified actions speak louder than words and the actions of your demented reviews and desperate attempt to salvage the mess you've made for them and yourself speak loud as hello too.

  • An
      23rd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Royal Flush Havanese has been breeding gorgeous, well socialized pups for many years. I am Holly Anderson (maiden) Mastroianni, very proud owner of Royal Flush Havanese. I’m extremely grateful to the people who have sought out to destroy my reputation because what you have done is make it perfectly clear that I am a conscientious, ethical, dedicated breeder who provides quality care to her dogs and pups. I am also eternally grateful to all of you who have 1, 2 or 3 pups from Royal Flush Havanese and continue to write to me and send pictures of your pup/pups. Every testimonial and picture is exactly as it has been sent to me to post and share with the visitors to our website. Thank you for your memories, gratitude, recommendations and referrals. I have been maliciously attacked by a couple of people and I’ve seen concerned pet lovers be drawn into sympathizing with the lies that have been frantically posted everywhere these people could find a place to write. I can prove that everything I have every written, said or represented about myself and Royal Flush has been true. In the following, I will present you with the lies that have been told and the truth that you can verify.
    Someone says I have no right to have a kennel on my property. To breed dogs you must have a business license to operate a kennel. You can verify that I DO have a business license to operate a kennel (an establishment where dogs are bred) on my property. I do not have kennels (kennel-a small shelter for a dog). My dogs are kept inside my home. Someone suggests that everyone should call and report me to the RISPCA Animal Cruelty Department, the RIDEM Division of Agriculture Animal Health Unit, The Charlestown Animal Control Officer and the Town Zoning Department. Many thanks to those who called the officials. On 2/14/12 at 9AM the RISPCA and DEM arrived at my doorstep for a surprise inspection to investigate the complaints and accusations. The truth is that they were “impressed”. There were no violations or concerns at all. On 2/16/12 at 11 AM the Animal Control Officer and the Building Official arrived for inspections as well. Again, the truth is there were no violations, concerns or issues.
    Someone says they contacted the AKC and “she is not registered nor are any of her dogs.” The truth is that people are not registered with the AKC, dogs are. The truth is that if you call the AKC and ask if Holly Anderson (maiden) or Holly Mastroianni has dogs registered with AKC they will tell you yes. And if you ask them if I am in good standing with the AKC, they will tell you yes.

  • An
      23rd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    In case if a court defines that a consumer complaint constitutes libel or defamation, the mentioned consumer would be held legally responsible for damages to the reputation of the business, mentioned in complaint. Under federal law (the Communications Decency Act) is not legally responsible for the complaints that are posted, even if those complaints contain remarks that are defamatory. However, the mentioned law does not protect the person who posted the complaints from the responsibility for the posted complaints.

  • De
      26th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hello royal flush. thank you so much for taking your time to post your side of the story here. you are right about these things being malicious if they are all lies and it is good that you are willing to respond to help clear everything up.

    You said you can prove everything that you have written about yourself is true and that you are going to present the lies that were told about you and give the truth to verify but you only mentioned four of the problems that people have posted about you. were those the only lies? was the other stuff true? judging from your response it seems that you are legally operating a kennel which you have invited us to verify, but I think the concerns everyone has are about the way the dogs are raised and treated and the way you handle the people that buy the puppies. this is very upsetting to pet buyers and dog lovers alike and I just wanted to know. I am sure the other readers here are most interested in the same questions that I have posted that you haven’t commented on yet. if you’d answer the questions below it will help put all of these concerns to rest:

    How do we verify what you posted?

    You said we can verify the surprise inspections and the findings. how do we verify? do we call the numbers to those organizations to verify what happened? is there any person that we should be speaking to at each office? it is great that you had an impressive inspection and I know that there seem to be a lot of questions. you say on your site that no ethical breeder would ever sell to a pet store or 3rd party and you are so right. we just want to make sure that the ethical breeder is not operating like one either. pet stores are so commercial and have such a cold approach about placing puppies. I think we can all agree that that dogs are not loved by them. they are just a commodity that people sell to make profit from.

    Why were there visits on separate days?

    If the aspca and dem came to your home on february 14th, why did the dog officer and town officials go out again two days later? I am not saying that anything is wrong and look forward your response. I was just wondering if there were no issues it seems weird that people would keep going out there.

    How long have you been licensed and what kind of license is it? who issued the license (s)?

    You said you have a business license to operate a kennel and that is all you need to breed dogs. I saw the posts for your corporate license and the motion to file for a commericial kennel license in your town last year. what is the number of your license and where could someone see a copy of it so we can be sure it is valid? how long have you had this license for breeding dogs? have you had the license for 30 years because that does seem confusing about the commericial kennel paperwork from last year. was that a renewal or original request? is this a new rule in your town or state? I am not bashing or anything, I just want to verify like you said to. I am just not sure how to do it.

    Did you actually take out a loan as a testing laboratory?
    If so, are you testing on any of the animals? if not, why did you take it out?

    How many dogs do you own? where and how do they live?

    There have been several accusations that you own over 40 dogs and have 20-30 puppies a month, there are 11 puppies for sale on your web page right now. how many dogs do you own? how many dogs are in your home and how many puppies do you have every year? where can we verify this? you mentioned that you do not have kennels and the dogs are kept inside your home. you have a lot of dogs posted on your page and always seem to have a lot of puppies on your puppies page. how many dogs do you actually own that are kept in your home? where do you keep them all? you keep using the word kennel and said they are not in kennels and provided the definition of a kennel but the original posts said that they are stacked in crates in a room in your home? is this true? are they confined and is this simply splitting hairs over the way kennel was worded or do they all just roam around your house? where do your dogs go outside? is that really a photo of the pen on the link to the bing maps page? it does appear to be your house. do they only go in the pen you have the help wanted ads for or do they roam around your yard too? you have such a large beautiul property and any dog would be lucky to run around a yard like that. is there fencing that we don’t see in that photo? is it an old photo? I cannot imagine that many dogs running loose around my house. how do manage it? do you crate train them?

    Can someone buying a dog see the dogs in your home and natural environment where they are raised?

    There are a lot of posts from people saying that they cannot see the dogs in your home and they are only allowed in a concrete room. is this true? if it is, then why? you would think if someone can come to buy a puppy they should be able to see all of your dogs? any time I have purchased a puppy the breeder let me into their home.

    Why do you have help wanted ads for your home raised puppies and pets?

    If they are raised by you in your home then why do you hire outside help on craigslist? I guess this goes back to how many dogs do you have. pet stores get inspections all the time and so do the commercial kennels that they come from. it is nice that you consider the canned good donations but the suv on your website with the havanese company name all over it doesn’t really look like a home raised situation either. it kind of looks like a for profit business type of thing. I think the issue a lot of people are having is that your site appears that you are lovingly home raising the dogs and after reading these posts it would appear that you have a lot of dogs and operate a big kennel for profit situation.

    How long have you been breeding havanese?

    You say on your website that you have been breeding for 30 years and you are a havanese expert. have you been breeding havanese for 30 years? how to you define havanese expert? was this title given to you by the akc or breed group? if so, which one? what is the criteria to get that? I just want to know because I have never seen that on anyones site before and it is very impressive.

    What are you breeding right now? what other breeds have you bred?

    I noticed the post about rocceo the presa canario and saw the link for your add to place him. where you breeding those dogs? are you still breeding the other breeds that were mentioned in the other complaints? and the cats too? I saw the dog vito in the havanese beds, what kind of dog is that? do you breed those too? what type of animals and breeds have you owned and/or bred in the past 30 years? what types do you own now? which are you breeding right now?

    Are all of your dogs registered with the akc? do you register the litters too?

    You mentioned in your post in january that all of your dogs are registered with the akc but this weeks post said that you have dogs registered with the akc. are all of the dogs registered with the akc? when were they all registered? how old are they? do you register all of your litters? if not, why not? do you give akc papers to people that buy from you? someone said you did not give them papers and that you do not give papers. do you provide a copy of the mother and father’s papers? are your dogs dna checked? since you took the time to post each photo, would it be possible for you to add their akc number (or at least the akc registered name) below each photo? this would help this whole story be more believable and put to rest the issue with akc dogs being registered and in good standing.

    Do you provide copies of health tests for buyers?

    You said in your post in january that all dogs are health tested or they are not bred. a lot of posters online were complaining that you do not give them this information. you also said all of the dogs are vaccinated. the recent post from connecticut said that you did not give her any vaccination history and that her dog did not see a vet and it is seven months old? how to you provide vaccination history to buyers? what vet does your vaccinations for you? can we verify this with your vet?

    Do you debark your dogs?
    If so, why? it does seem like a terrible lie for someone to put out there and from everything I have read it is not an ethical practice. I do not understand why it is necessary if you do debark them and would like you to explain that further.

    You have been helpful with your responses and they are appreciated. the problem is that I think the readers here are more concerned about the accusations that were made and the questions that I posted above. I am sure I can speak for everyone here that we are all looking forward to getting your side of them to end all of this once and for all. thanks very much in advance for all of your consciencious responses to help us all understand both sides of these postings to make sense of everything.

  • Tr
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    Got your impressive results.

    "we observed approximately 50 dogs in stainless steel enclosures"
    50 (clean) debarked dogs raised in stainless steel enclosures.
    And this is what you are so proud of?

    You are proud of the fact that you were not violated or cited for keeping 50 debarked dogs (whose vocal chords have been mutilated by you to keep them quiet) in your non-kennel (stainless steel enclosures) breeding facility. so basically, the very first review here grossly underestimated the number of dogs you really have.

    What does this say? it says that the laws in rhode island must change if this is "impressive" and acceptable in that state! I am going to write to every lawmaker to see that it does. this sounds like a mid west puppy mill set up. it is a far cry from the home raised nonsense that she boasts about on the site but then, it appears she loves a good technicality to fall back on to make herself look normal.

    You own 50 debarked dogs, you keep them in stainless steel cages and you breed them until they are of no value and dump them on craigslist. this is all true. so go get your team of lawyers and let them know too.

  • Tr
      29th of Feb, 2012
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    By the way, thanks for telling us to verify it. You creep.

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