Rotita.comtwo items I ordered in october 2016, and as of today I still have yet to receive it as of may 2017!!!

Order # WW1610290954505507 Silver Sterling Bird Pendant Leaves Lariat Necklace and Love Infinity Decor Black Braided Bracelet. Rotitas customer service is completely awful! I bought my items in October for a Christmas present and still have not received them!!! Rotitas "customer service" doesn't care at all!! Their administrator had the nerve to tell me back in the beginning of December "The fact is your order is still at the customs, once they release the package, USPS will deliver it to you." who says that to a customer!! I want my money back I want a full refund and then some and if you can't do that I'm going to make sure my lawyer will get it, on top of my lawsuit I'm filing against you for theft!!!

May 16, 2017

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