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I ordered products, paid 3 day shipping. Got the items over a month later. they were labeled the correct size letter but grossly made and grossly larger than their stated measurements on their site. I complained for 60 DAYS until they finally said they would refund if I sent them back. I sent them back 2 months ago and they claim to have never gotten them. This company needs to be removed from society. Its a shame to have such dishonest businesses be allowed to take our money. I ordered these back in April and still have no resolve. They have tried offering $3 off my next purchase. Then 10% off, 25% off... I followed their exact size chart and now i'm out $100. I want my money back OR I want them out of business. A copy of their return policy is below. It clearly states "If the size information on Rosewe is wrong, we are responsible for it."

They have NOT taken responsibility for it.

Order RR1603261226096393

Customer Support At :04/05/2016 05:26:51 AM
Please make sure you have checked the size chart before ordering. If the size information on Rosewe is wrong, we are responsible for it. If it's correct, you are responsible for any fees caused by return and exchange. Please check the policy first,

Jul 29, 2016

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