Rosati'sjim manager of mchenry

My husband and I placed our order for delivery. We waited an hour and a half before calling to check the status of our order. upon calling we were greeted by the manager JIM who stated the food was delivered but nobody answered the door or the number provided. I asked him to repeat the number and address it was delivered to and it was completely wrong. Not even close to our address or phone number. I asked to repeat our order to make sure we were talking about the correct order. He went on to tell me my husband was a liar for giving him the wrong address and phone number.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in McHenry, IL Which makes no sense. He raised his voice and told me to give him the correct number so he may block it from his system. JIM was completely inappropriate and went from 0-100 in seconds yelling and hollering at me saying I was wrong and we are liars. I asked him to return our money since he did manage to get our card number correct. He then once again called me names and hung up the phone. Never have I been treated like this st any Rosati's. I then did research on this manager and found multiple complaints about him yelling st customers and staff. Something needs to be done.

Nov 30, 2018

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