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We had a plumbing emergency yesterday (on a Sunday of course!). We called Rooter Hero and they were the worst. They told us all the pipes were corroded and there was a hole in the pipes and needed to be replaced. Their tech, Johnny Zarate, informed us there was a blockage and he couldn't get through the pipes to remove the blockage in the line. He then quoted us a price of $28, 000 to replace all the pipes! Oh, but with the "Senior Discount" it would only be $23, 800! We immediately called another plumber suspecting the truth on this issue. He arrived on Monday morning and fixed the problem unclogging the line with a snake and power flush. He did this in 15 minutes and stated there were no broken or corroded pipes. Just a hair clog and that was it. And he only charged us $138.00! Your tech out-and-out lied to us. This definitely borders on fraudulent practices. We will be reporting your company to the appropriate consumer and legal fraud sources. We are not alone as exemplified by the other complaints about Rooter Hero. Refer to “Rooter Hero Complaints”, and comments on Facebook and This borders on obscene and atrocious business practices. If I could give Rooter Hero minus 10 stars I would!

Mar 20, 2017

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