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Roblox / too much safety updates

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The recent changes. They focus too much on "safety" while [censor] it up for others massively. The fitler while already generally disliked was made even stricter, interrupting regular chat even more.
The thumbnail change (which roblox claims to do it for "safety) is [censor] and again it interrupts normal activities, people who looking for older games (or developers who don't bother to buy bc) are now blocked with the"nice"logos and cannot see what they are looking for; my preschool brother can barely navigate games (he likes obbies; hence you come across older games) and now plays roblox less thanks to this"safety"update.
Their decisionmaking skills aren't the best either, for instance with the comment removal update (which they claim to be a"glitch") they could've added recaptcha and made some simple HTML tricks to block copy&paste, which stops most kids but they simply removed the whole thing... comments are a basic part of commentary and should be a thing.
So that's my rant, and roblox keeps shooting itself in the legs; pissing off the userbase with stupid 'solutions'.

  • Updated by CumaYT, Dec 27, 2017

    Mine was honestly just the introduction of the price floor. Although this was ages ago, it was literally proof that they themselves only care about money. No one wanted this update and no one asked for it. The fact that the update was to "incentivize non-paying users to buy robux" was pretty scummy. Literally no one who made clothing thought this was a good idea, seeing as it reduced the amount of people who actually wanted to buy or making clothing anymore.
    Although now its 5 robux, if you are nbc and dont pay money, you cant even buy them anymore cause nbcs dont even get income anymore. If a new player were to get robux they sure as hell wouldnt want to waste it on clothing. The price floor pretty much made clothing useless on the site, and even made copying more of an issue (if he player who is copying the clothing is bc)

Dec 27, 2017

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