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Considering the purchase of a nice more upscale Digital Camera, well if you are DON'T use for any purchase. No only will you probably fine that the product is not what you expected, but their customer service and order tracking capabilities are among the worst in the business.

I made the mistake of ordering a CASIO 12.0 PX camera from them, out of their Clearance based on the excellent price. This is almost a $400 dollar digital camera, for $199.00, in line with outhers in that same general range.

OK make sure you read their FINE PRINT about any clearance product, it is not anywhere on the make web pages, until you get to the product and it is under their LARGE BOLD CLEARANCE banner about the great price. There is MUCH smaller letters and easily missed is the notification that not only are these DEMO products, or even returns, but they could be missing parts, or not have the right part.

HOWEVER, Ritz also says they stand by their products. Yes until you try and return them.

It tool 4 calls, two of which the CS agents had a difficult time with English, and wanted me to give them another $209, and they would refund the first charge when the non working camera was returend.

They will give you their "corporate number" whcih by the way is the same as their "CS number" same music and all, and you will get their CS manager. Not a very nice person, who has yet to do what she promised.

Bottom line is I am out $209, am sending this back, (oh issued me a 9.95 credit like that will end my compaint) I have notified the Attorney General in PA and the BBB (who rates them as a (B-) and I will get my money.

Stay clear of Ritz Camera.

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  • Kc
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes - Does not honor coupon code and poor customer service
    United States

    I put in a 3% off all purchases coupon code on their website. The 3% was taken off my order, but shortly after I got a confirmation email without the 3% coupon being applied. I called customer service to complain and was assured that I would get the price originally quoted. A couple of days later, my credit card is charged the full price. So I did a live chat, followed by a call to customer service. I found out there was no record of my first converation where they assured me the price I would be charged. These people are unhelpful and rude. So I called back again to cancel my order which they said they would do. Today I get my shipment notification. I called back again. I spoke to someone in the US this time. He said he had no doubt what I saw at checkout, but the coupon code is no longer valid and that I would have to refuse the delivery. I will never order from them again.

  • An
      28th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes - No product, No answers
    Ritz Camera
    United States

    Ordered a motherboard using their online chat. I wanted a real person on the other end to make double-sure the item was in stock. I asked the person twice if it was in stock and when it would ship. He left (supposedly to validate his answer) and returned to tell me that it was in stock and if he took the order instead of just sending me to the web site that he could ensure it was shipped that same day.

    One week later I still have not received the item. I call "customer service" and they indicate the item has not shipped.
    Me - "When will it ship."
    Dan - "I don't know. I can escalate and get you an ETA."
    Me - "How long will that take?"
    Dan - "24-48 hours"
    Me - "You've had a week to put this thing in a box and now you're telling me it will take another day or two just to tell me WHEN you think you can put it in a box?"
    Me - "Connect me to someone who can be of more help"
    - Dan hung up on me...
    I call back
    Me - "Paul, I want to speak with Dan, he just hung up on me."
    Paul - "Dan left for the day. Can I help you"
    Me - "Dan hung up and left in the middle of a customer call?"
    Paul - "How can I help help you."
    Me - "I ordered this item a week ago and it still hasn't shipped. I want a refund."
    Paul - "I'll escalate and cancel the order."
    Me - "How long will that take?"
    Paul - "24-48 hours"
    Me - "So it only takes over a week to ship something you have in stock, but it only takes 24-48 hours to cancel an order and issue a refund? I think I see the problem with your business model."

    Bottom line - they never had the item and they lied to me from the beginning.
    Customer "support" was worthless.

  • Ja
      10th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes - No product, No answers
    United States

    Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. They took 2 weeks longer than estimated to begin the shipment of my item. I tried for a week before the item was shipped to get them to cancel. STAY AWAY

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