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I am a big fan of your products including the one in the title. I tried it last year and it has been on my shopping list ever since. Just last week I bought a bag from the store and couldn't wait to dig in. When I finally made it home I got a class of milk, opened my ritz toasted chips bag took a bite out of one, only to find out it tasted very very salty yuck!. I took a paper towel to wipe the salt off some of the chips but it was just too salty. I am disappointed because this brand of chips I considered my new favorite brand turns out I could not enjoy them this time. Will love to hear from you. Renay

Ritz Crackers

Oct 16, 2017
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  • An
      Oct 23, 2017

    We love these chips too, but the last 3 bags we bought we had to throw out because they were insanely salty and I’m a salt lover.

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  • Ja
      Aug 21, 2018

    I agree, we love these chips but the last several bags have been much saltier than in the past. Its like they changed
    the receipt and now it is too salty to eat. Jim

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