Ritz Crackersritz crackers 13.7 oz box

We purchased a box of Ritz Bits and Ritz Crackers ...the bits tasted terrible and we tossed them out ..I opened the box of Crackers and pulled out a sleeve opened it and the crackers have what smells and looks like peanut butter on the edges of the crackers...eeeeuuuu...I was going to toss them out bjt you should know what is happening...(Don't make this products brand in Mexico...substandard..)

The box was intact and gave no indication of anything unusual fro the outside..I have I have the box...Please advise and you should recall this . before someone gets poisoned.

Carolyn Angel .

  • Updated by Carolyn Angel, Jan 17, 2019

    stop trying to sneak in additional sites and products...

Jan 17, 2019

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