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Richard rokowski
Beware! This man is a scammer and a thief!
Do not use him at any cost, he will take your
Money and you will not get anything in return!

I was referred to richard rokowski by a friend who had used him. I had a piece of carpet that
I wanted put into my bedroom. He came out at the time he said he would and measured my
Bedroom and the piece of carpet. He told me the carpet was too small to use but he would
Install new carpet he could order, upgrade the pad and install for $200. And since I could
Not use the piece of brand new carpet, he would take it and could possibly use it on a
Smaller project. He asked for a deposit of $70 to order the new carpet. I gave it to him
And I should have known right then something was wrong, he immediately went and cashed the
Check. If he was so good and business was good, he would not need to cash my check that very
Day. He said he would do it for the review, which now I know why he needs good reviews.

After numerous attempts to text him, he kept putting me off and telling me the carpet was not
In and to check back with him in a couple of days, which he should have been the one checking
Back with me not placing the task on my shoulders.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Oviedo, FL Well after communicating via text several
Different days, he said he would be here the following week tuesday, then wednesday, then friday
And finally saturday. When I texted him saturday morning to confirm, no answer for hours. Then
A text with another excuse.

My friend who referred him got involved and finally he said he would do the job for free or give me
$200. I said I do not want to see this man again, nor do business with him. Afterall, what was
Another promise from him? I said I would take the $200 and I wanted it to be over. He said if he
Did he didn't want any bad reviews, which might I add if you goggle his name that's about all you see.
I said I wanted a money order or cashier's check by end of day yesterday. Nothing again.

This man has no morals and no ethics! You can see my story is like all the countless reviews that
Are out there on him. How someone could do this to innocent people is beyond me.

Everyone effected needs to write a review, go to the bbb and call their local law enforcement. This
Man needs to be run out of town and his business closed. I am contacting the local tv stations and
A close friend at the orange county sherriff's department to make them aware of this man.

Google richard rokowski and see just what all you find. Even channel 9 has done a spot on him!

May 17, 2017
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