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I have a subscription to Rhapsody. It is paid for automatically on my American Express Card. When reviewing my bill, I saw where I was also charged for Realarcade Subscription and Superpass. I did not order these other two subscriptions. The cost was an additional 10.87 and 16.31 respectively. When I called, the call center in India took my call. They insisted that I must have ordered them by mistake. Which I did not. I have not always been billed for these and I have had my subscription for about one year. I cancelled my Rhapsody subscription and asked for the other two charges to be removed. I was put on hold for over ten minutes and then disconnected. It was simply too much hassle to call back.

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  • Th
      Mar 27, 2008

    I had two unauthorized charges on my account from rhapsody music and game pass. It all started from a pucharse I made with "SUPERPASS FROM REA". My information from that transaction was given out to other telemarketters. They had my address and my last four of my credit card number.

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  • Ba
      May 22, 2008

    I am currently having the same problem. I did visit their website and downloaded what I thought was a free program. I did not give them my bank information but somehow they got it and charged my bank account twice for $12.99 (I am assuming this is the price of a subscription, but since I didn't actually sign up for it, I don't know for sure). I have sent an email to cancel my subscription (not holding my breath) but as back up have contacted my bank to see what I can do about preventing any more withdrawals on my account.

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  • Ka
      Jun 09, 2008

    I subscribe to Rhapsody and found that my credit card has been charged 14.99 and 9.99 per month for Real Arcade and Superpass, neither of which I ordered. This is a true ripoff and fraud. I called the company and demanded refund. I am going into my bank in the morning to sign an affidavit regarding going after them. Beware!!!

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  • Ji
      Jul 22, 2008

    I just noticed the same thing on my credit card, a $12.99 from Rhapsody and a $14.99 from Superpass from REA. I called the 886-212-1343 number, and was connected to a great guy (sounded like Indian call center, started out with a neutral accent but then faded back to Indian) who cancelled my membership and refunded the money (well, at least I shouldn't get charged anymore). so I had a good experience. And I think this ws a mistake of my own making, I ws setting up a new computer and didn't realize I could use my existing Rhapsody account, and accidently set one up for my new computer, thinking they were system specific. So in the end, call that number, 9 to 9 EST, and I think you'll get treated ok.

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  • Ka
      Aug 06, 2008

    Jim thank you for posting the phone number. I became a victim of this scam by signing up for a subscription to Rhapsody. Until I googled "superpass by rea" and found this website, I didn't know what the heck these charges were. 3 months after I signed up for Rhapsody and noticed the superpass charges, they began taking out another 12.99 and billed it as "real bb essentials". Even though I called and they promised me a full refund, I'm thinking of finding a lawyer to start a class action suit against RealNetworks, Inc. These people are downright thieves and they should be stopped!!!

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  • Vi
      Sep 02, 2008

    I too have been ripped off by this Co., and I never signed up with them. My wife is on the phone with our credit card co. right now putting in a complaint and an investigation.

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  • An
      Sep 12, 2008

    BEWARE of signing up for Rhapsody's FREE 14 day trial. In a 3 day period I was charged over $3000!! I would NEVER use this website!!!

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  • Ja
      Oct 04, 2008

    These people at RM supperpass from REA are worse than common thieves, thieves just kill you once these people suck you dry in the process they are blood suckers that once they get into you they are almost impossible to get rid of. I will be calling again Monday morning trying to get rid of this unwanted (NON)service.

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  • Su
      Oct 30, 2008

    (This was posted under "Buggy Software", but it's also regarding billing so I'm posting here as well.)
    I just experienced frustration with Rhapsody service. Yesterday, the application quit working - so I did the usual clean up which did not fix the problem - it would not play the tracks but speed right through each track. I was signed into the account and internet connection was working fine. I did a clean reinstall - and it worked fine - this was yesterday. I opened Rhapsody today and saw the library was missing some stuff - I was going to check out the help - but noticed that my account subscription was changed to $14.99/mo Rhapsody to Go!!! I didn't change it - I've been an Unlimited Rhapsody customer since February 2005, paying $89/year and after the reinstall, the subscription info changed. I chatted with customer service rep and he would not revert it back to the way it was. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!! and I think quite fraudulent - to change subscriptions on customers without their consent!!! The rep said he had to escalate this matter and I will hear back in 24-48 hours - but for now, I'm posting here and I will contact our State's Consumer Protection dept.

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  • Su
      Oct 31, 2008

    Update - I was able to get my old subscription back after going thru 2nd tier support - it looks like you just have to escalate to right tier support with the power to authorize changes.

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  • Er
      Feb 02, 2009

    I always thought RealNetworks was a legit company, but it is pretty clear they are scam artists. I recently found the recurring $14.99 "Superpass" charge on my bill going back six months. I never subscribed to their services, never agreed to a "free" trial, and never gave them our credit card info. Yet somehow my wife's name and e-mail and my credit card were tied to the account (never received any e-mails from them either-- funny how that works.)

    Called the Superpass support. They closed the account, but wouldn't refund my money, even though there was never any activity on the Superpass account. They told me to complain to the credit card company. I called my bank and they refunded us the money for the past 3 months, but they wouldn't refund the rest, since it would require filing a formal investigation (a process that would cost the bank more than the remaining $45.) The bank did arrange a conference call with my wife and the Superpass support, but the jerks at Superpass said they wouldn't do anything without the formal investigation.

    My wife thought "Superpass" was an innocuous gas station charge or something and had ignored it on the bill-- I'm glad she finally asked me about it, or we would be out even more money. Judging by the other comments on this site, I doubt I am alone. Someone really needs to get a class action lawsuit going against this company.

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  • Do
      Apr 24, 2009

    i know what rhapsody is (my son has it) and i never signed up for it but i have been billed for it. it is a rip off. i just tried to call there 886# on my account bill and it is NOT a working #. if i can find an address for these muther ###ers i'll send them something.

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  • Gr
      Apr 26, 2009

    We're having the same issue. My husband called today and the supervisor told him that she would refund a month and then extended that to a couple of months. My husband told her that he would be contacting our bank about this to get more money back since he never requested this. The woman said that since he said he was going to the bank, she wouldn't refund "a penny". Great customer service! Off to the fraud department we go!

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  • Pr
      May 19, 2011

    Rhapsody is a rip off. I saw an online ad to subscribe free for 60 days. But when I signed up and gave them my car information I saw that it was only for 30days free trial and I was unable to down load songs so I immediately cancelled my account. I usually don't check this particular bank account unless it is low or unless I need to put money in it to make on line purchases. When I checked it this is what I noticed. I open the Rhapsody account on 3/15/2011 and they charged my account after I had cancelled it on 3/29/2011 - 15 days after I signed up and cancelled.

    So I called them up and the gentlemen I spoke with in CS said that they would refund the two charges and if My Bank did not pay for the two over-drafts from my bank that were caused by Rhapsody charging my account twice that Rhapsody would pay for them. So i waited until the charges where reversed nnd I called my bank. My bank told me that they would not pay because Rhapsody cause the problem and they should pay. I call Rhapsody on 5/19/2011 and spoke with a supervisor by the Name of Hamilton who told me that If i didn;t have the original cancellation email they would not pay the two overdraft's cause by their unautorized charges to my account. Now I am stuck with paying the bank over $70.00.

    I told Hamilton that I never received any cancellatioin email and that I trusted in what I saw on their site that it had been cancelled. To date I can still access the account and it still shows active so I am affraid they will keep charging me.

    I contacted Real networks and they said that Rhapsody is not longer one of their companies and they transferred me to J.R. who is suppose to be the Director of Customer service.

    These people r scammers because sometimes things do not work like their cancellation process. Also, why did they charge me 15 days latter when I was suppose to have at least 30 days.

    Tony B.

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  • Pr
      May 19, 2011

    I signed up for what I thought I was a free 60-day trial from on 3/15/2011. After the initial sign-up process, I find out that the free period was for only 30days and that I could not download any music. So I immediately cancelled the account.

    On the week ending in 5/13/2011. I checked my bank account and noticed that the account was in overdraft and upon further investigation I found out that had charged my account twice for $10.71 cause my bank account to over draft. One charge was 15 days after I signed up and cancelled and which was against what they had originally said in the free offer. I was not supposed to be billed for 30 days instead I was billed in 15 days.

    This first charge went unnoticed because my account still showed the correct balance. It was not until when they billed my account another 10.91 that my bank charged me two over draft fees.

    When I saw this I called Rhapsody and spoke with customer service representative Benan who spoke with Indian accent. He told me that they would refund my money and that if the bank did not refund the overdraft fees to call back after my account had been credited the two month that Rhapsody had charged me and they would pay the fees.

    ON 5/19/2011 I called my bank once the charges had been reversed and they told me that it was not their fault and that they would not refund the overdraft fees and that I should contact Rhapsody. I call them back and I spoke to Benan who transferred me to Hamilton who said he was a level two supervisor and there was no one else I could speak with about this matter. He told me that he could not refund the banks fees unless I could produce the original email cancellation from Rhapsody. I told him I never received on and that his system had mad a mistake. I ask him if that was possible he said no that the system never makes a mistake.

    So now I am stuck with paying two overdrafts to the banks at 35.00 each.

    I called Real networks that are the Parent company and they said they were not associated with Rhapsody any more and they transferred me to J.R. who the transferor said was the Director of Customer Services. I left him a voice mail (5/19/2011) She also gave me a phone number but she said she was not allowed to give out J.R. direct line.

    My next step is to contact the attorney General office about this matter. This people are scam artist. I am the type of person that if I am wrong I will say I am wrong. I know I cancel the account right after I joined up. Why would I pay just to listen to songs? I can watch the video and listen for free on YouTube.

    If others have had this experience lets band together and sue these people they are scams.

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