Reward Zone USAstill haven't received my 1, 000 amazon gift card.

Hi my name Candace Borman.i have completed all the offers and completed the survey..when I sign in to the part where I claim my reward in the insentive status area it clearly states all 8 of my Platinum offers and 1 silver and 1 gold are says success n the box on the end box where all the offer I did were completed..I did what it says I'm to do inorder to recieve my incentive but I still yet to have heard anything back on my incentive claim or received it..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Memphis, TNI have heard or read more good than bad things about peoples experience with rewards zone..please try to get back to me as soon as would be greatly a single mother with 3 kids I raise on my own..the father of my kids ran off about 2 years ago with no reason so I'm struggle in daily to make ends would help a great deal to recieve this reward by Christmas..with all my bills I pay with a part time job breaks me so my children are not gonna b able to get much for Christmas this year unless I get the reward that fairly won..thanks (Candace)

Nov 25, 2018

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