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I highly DO NOT recommend this company. I had thought - I found a good deal for my wedding - but ended up getting what I paid for. The attendant was unprofessional, the photobooth was not even working 50% of the time, and in the end - it was the worst part of the wedding.

Rolland Elliot, the owner also lacks alot aswell - bad customer service, problem still not resolved. Very flaky!! It was like I was interacting with an 18 year old, straight out of out high school that had no professional sense or manners.

DO NOT RENT from this place - and as i see in the other post - his photo studio has about as good of a service has his photobooth... not a big surprise. I hope this review will stop you from having the problems, I have had to deal with and am still dealing with.


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  • We
      Sep 24, 2008 - Does not honor services promised
    United States

    Rent Photo Booths - Not all they claim to be

    CD - We were promised a CD of all the images from the photo booth - 4 months and numerous phone calls and emails later we still have not received the CD and they have no good answer as to why we haven't. They asked me who our attendant was. Why would I know that, and why wouldn't they?

    60 day password protected photo hosting - They don't even know what this is when I called to complain they we never received this service promised on their website as part of our package.

    Personalized Message - No, nothing. Just pictures. No caption. It was our wedding day! Come on!

    Waste of money. Use a company a friend has used and LIKED.

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  • Al
      Dec 17, 2008

    We rented a booth from and they did a great job. We loved the customized logo and names and the acrylic strip picure frames were great.

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  • Al
      Dec 26, 2008

    Beware of Rolland Elliott, the owner of He was named one of the six worst businesses in Charolotte, NC
    and continues to rack up complaints with the BBB:
    He is also under investigation for fraud by the North Carolina Attorney General.
    Google "Rolland Elliott" and you will see his reputation.

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  • Al
      Apr 10, 2009

    Rolland Elliott is now trying to hide his bad reputation behind dozens of domain names. Same bad man, but now at all of these domains:

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  • Sa
      Nov 22, 2009

    We used him for an event. He showed up two hours late. Our photos were never made available online. He never provided us with the photo disk as promised. When we called about it he said that he would mail it out immediately. After several calls and several months, we have yet to receive it.

    I rented a photobooth from another company for a previous event. did not compare in quality and usability at all. The booth itself looked cheap and unattractive. There were no stools provided for inside the booth. The booth was difficult to operate. There was just a camera sitting on top of a monitor. The photos were slow to be developed and the attendant was printing them on a desktop printer away from the booth, so most people either forgot to pick them up, or did not know that the prints were available. Overall the presentation was very poor.

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