RentalCars.comunagreed charges and unethical procedures

Wonder if you can help me, I have recently returned from a trip to Iceland and decided to have FULL protection for the duration However once i arrived to collect the car i was informed that the insurance was not valid and i was informed i need to buy additional cover as the provided cover from yourselves did not apply in Iceland ?

The gentlemen was very persistent and advised that the total cost of cover was £20 so i reluctantly agreed so as i could collect the car and not ruin the holiday, he asked me to do an electronic signature via an iPad to accept receipt of the car and that my details would be sent via an email.

We arrived earlier than anticipated and collected the car about 1.5 hours earlier than on the document but was informed that it want a problem as the car is waiting in the car park

I finally received the details once i arrived at the hotel vie email and was horrified to find it included an additional bill for over £150. that included an extra day due to collecting the car a little earlier (Even tho we dropped if back earlier didn't matter apparently ) additional insurance and for a built in Sat-Nav that was not in the car as it was a basic model so we used our phones instead

When i dropped back the car i obviously challenged the extras and associated costs but was just informed to take it up with budget and that there was nothing they could do and duly sent me a receipt as per the attached

Dec 06, 2018

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