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I was in the process of renting a car for two weeks from Toronto International Airport in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The company Rentalcars gave me what I thought was a good quote. I filled out the online form and the quote was in Canadian dollars. When I got to the section for payment I was careful to put the correct numbers in place and didn't notice that now at the payment section
it was in US dollars. I sent an e-mail to complain and they e-mailed back saying that "if my driver's license was issued in Canada or the US this booking could not continue." I e-mailed back saying that the license was issued in Canada. They did give me a credit but there is still $47.48 left on the VISA statement. I have sent more e-mails wanting the full credit but get no replies. This company is very misleading with having two different currency prices and also there should have been a big notice saying I could not book a car from Toronto, Canada if I had a Canadian driver's license. Thank you Beverly Nicholson

May 26, 2015

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