Renaultproduct and service

I have a Captur. 7 months ago cause of over oil burning I went to service in Turkey. They got my car for a month and had checked and they said it has manufactured problem that's why we are going to fix it by your quarantee. They had changed most of the engine parts. Then they gave you car back to me but problem hasn't solved yet. Than I went again to service they said this time we are going to upload your car's computer than problem will be fixed, result again car had the same problem. From 7 months every month I am going to service cause of same problem. Last time they said this car has turbo (seems that single car in the world which has turbo) that's why it is normal that over oil burning. As I understand they started to say ###. I have complained then in every area email, web site, twitter but still none of them has respond me now a days I am going to sue them and will write letter to all newspaper in Turkey.

May 01, 2017

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