Renaultpathetic service and blatant cheating

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Firstly my car was kept at Renault for two days for a normal service because the receptionist made a mistake. Then I was told that Renault could not pick me up when my car was ready although it was fine to do so for other customers, smacks of ***. I was charged for an indicator light connector that was in warrantee as they made a mistake on their dates and thought that my car was out of warrantee. I was told by a lady called Debbie that I will be refunded but I am still waiting. When I did get my car the back tyre was flat so they had to take it back and repair that and that was done a while later. As I drove out with my car I discovered that the same indicator that was to be fixed was stilled not working so I drove straight back in. 2 hours later and having spent the entire morning at Renault, I was able to drive out. I have emailed and called them various times but to date nothing has been resolved. I did receive a generic apology and was told that I will be contacted shortly regarding the issues. There is more but for now all I want is my refund, I don't care about apologies from Renault.


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      Aug 20, 2010
    Renault - renault megane imusic 2009
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom

    quality of renault megane interiors have less everytime a new module is brought out.
    My first X reg was sumptous with its velour upholstery.
    My second megane a 04 reg was not as nice inside.
    My new megane a 59 plate i music sci, runs well and is very econmical, but the interior is quite poor, the trim is always dirty looking ans the vinal scuffs very easily espcially the dark interior.

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  • A
      Sep 16, 2010
    Renault - exorbitant prices to replace part
    United States

    My wife had to get a quote from renault to replace a door lock that broke whilst turning the key to unlock her car. The car is a Reanault Megane 1.4. She was quoted R1, 400.00 to replace the lock. This cost is totally out of reality and would like to know how Renault can justify such cost on this item. She was also advised that no stock was held in the country and that they would have to do a back order for the part. It appears as is they are increasing the cost of spares to suppliment the drop in car sales as people are keeping their cars.

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      Sep 17, 2010
    Renault - aircon not working for the 6th time
    United States

    For the last year, my Aircon on my Megane 2 1.5 dci has just stopped working. I have had to take it back 5 times to Renault Bryanston to get the computer reprogrammed. My aircon is not working again today and I don't understand why I always need to take it back for the computer to be re-programmed.

    I have had enough and Renault Bryanston cannot tell me why this is happening. I would like this resolved. My car is almost 3 years old and still under warranty.

    Everytime I take the car in, Service advisor Vusi tells me the next time, the compressor needs to be changed. This never happens if the case.

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  • C
      Dec 24, 2010
    Renault - gross negligence
    Renault - The Glen
    South Africa

    I took my car to Renault the Glen for my windows to be properly aligned as the rain was coming through on all windows. Instead of doing the job, they broke my window and left the car outside for the entire weekend. With the weather being unpredictable it rained cats and dogs! When i went to fetch a few things in the car the following day the car was full of water. The answer that i got was that the guys at the workshop did TRY to protect the car with plastic covers. I would never recommend anyone to buy a Renault car.

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  • M
      Jan 20, 2011
    Renault - disgusted and appalled at renault
    United States

    We bought our Renault Megane 1.6 cabriolette in June 2017 from Renault Northcliff & it has broken down numerous of times. 1st, the battery died, which led to the car being towed to Northcliff, this cost R2017, then in October, the clutch broke, so it had to be towed again. We were told to pay R9000, but we then advised Renault Northcliff that our warranty should cover, the car was bought in June and that we would not pay to fix the clutch. Fine, Renault then paid for this after bickering. So now, on 0103 our Gearbox broke. It was towed again, 3 days later we were called & told that we had to pay R24000 as the warranty would not pay cause we didnt fill gearbox fluid. This was after our service done at Renault Northcliff. My fiance went to them & said show me the problem, & he was told that they assumed this was the problem and that they would contact SA warranties themselves. The claim was still declined and now we STILL sit without our car. This is not the 1st complaint, I suggest I get feedback and quick cause this is appauling and pathetic. Pity they do nothing to hold up the French name... sad that people could actually get away by ripping others off - PLEASE CATCH A WAKE UP!

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      Feb 06, 2011
    Renault - worst after sale service
    United States

    In 2017 we bought 2 NIssan Interstars and believed that the service we received from Nissan in the past was great. With a big shock in Oct 2017 one of our vehicles had a breakdown and nobody at Nissan can solve the problem. We as a courier company has lost R400 000.00 in loss of income because of the lack of knowledge to repair these vehicles with 'RENAULT' engines. We have now decided to seek legal advise to sue the responsible parties because we are now paying for vehicles that is a total loss to our Company and will never recommend any one to buy a Nissan or a Renault in South Africa. We have tried our best to try and resolve this problem with NIssan S A. The e-mails that was sent to Nissan was never dealt with properly and nobody seems to care about us as a Company who are now in a process of losing business on a daily basis because of these 2 vehicles being in Nissan Rosslyn's factory for almost 9 months. We could have bought 2 new vehicles for the loss we have suffered.

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  • A
      Jul 07, 2011
    Renault - service
    Renault Dealership Centurion Gauteng
    South Africa

    Car has been with Renault for almost a month, after i did all needed from my side well in advance, as to parts, service booked.
    1-Wrong quote, overcharge on final invoice.
    2-Damaged the bumper again, that was supposed to be repaired.
    3-Have to follow up on my side allways as to progress on way forward.
    4-Bad customer service from Parts Manager, and Renault Centurion Dealership in general.
    5-Renault Head office, no assistance given, even with an official complaint lodged. No Service
    6-Car handed back to me dirty, and i did not take ownership.
    7-Wasted my time on numerious occasions, as i travel to them for no reason, just to leave without my car.
    8-Money wasted on time, petrol, leave taken.

    Only good thing is they gave me a courtacy car, however i had to fight for it.

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  • S
      Mar 02, 2013
    Renault - keychains

    No keychains provided by showroom.! Tey r telng renault company is not providing.! People are geting bad reviews. Please provide d keychains. People r nt buying d cars from showroom bcoz of ths disgusting mater. Check out facebook. Ppl r makng funy coments on renault

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  • D
      Sep 04, 2013

    my daughter bought a scenic 3 yrs ago has paid over a thousand in repairs and still has serious problems is 05 has so many problems would not know where to start.its actually too dangerous to use now.she paid 5000 and has just 2 yrs ago been diagnosed with brain aneurism and is in tears because of the stress i am considering taking action further on this, its a disgrace.

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